‘Lavender gray’: the ideal blend for lavender and gray hair

Lavender gray

There are still people who have the false belief that growing is synonymous with modesty, and that at a certain age we should stop experimenting with our image because that corresponds to an adolescent phase … Take those ideas out of your head and never stop reinventing yourself!

If you are scarcely encouraging yourself to color your life, you should try the lavender gray or lavender gray tone, because the mixture of these two tonalities creates the perfect balance between audacity and subtlety. And if you are one of those who already have experience with peroxide and dye, you should definitely add this color to your list.

It’s the perfect mix between lavender and gray

Whose tones can lean more to the pink

Or blue

And it can be so intense…

Or as subtle as you want

It’s so cool that it became Kelly Osbourne’s favorite

Create a waterfall with an ombre

Go from gray to lavender in a gradient balayage

And do not worry if the color is not even because it looks great anyway

It is the magic of fantasy dyes!

Give a pale touch to the pale skins

Warmth to the huddled tones

And luminosity to the brown skins

If you want a versatile but not so crazy tone, the gray lavender is for you

Have fun with your hair to match your personality

And, no matter how old you are, never stop experimenting


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