5 Types of hair and the kind of shampoo you should use for each one

kind of shampoo

Washing your hair is one of those practices, such as brushing your teeth and washing your face, which are daily: lather, rinse, condition, dry, comb and follow your day. For girls who have brilliant and fabulous hair, it does not imply any problem, but for the rest of the mortals this and the use of a shampoo that does not contribute anything to your hair can have great consequences.

If you are tired of your hair looking dry, fall or look like a haystack, do not try to cut it, better check the type of shampoo you should use according to the texture of your hair and give it a second life.

Fine hair

Use a shampoo to give volume and add body. Do not rub the shower products on your hair, this weakens your scalp more. Apply a nourishing mask on the tips after each wash for greater volume.

Curly or frizzy hair

To dominate your rebel hair and avoid dryness, use a shampoo for chemically treated hair, these provide greater hydration, and do not forget the conditioner to give softness and greater control to your curls.

Dry hair

One that provides intensive humidification. Those made with coconut oil, avocado or grape seeds are perfect to nourish your hair from the root to the tip.

Greasy hair

Stay away from the two-in-one conditioners. Opt for those that regulate your pH, that clean deep, but without irritating your scalp.

Dyed hair

Use products designed specifically for the new features that your mane has. Try to use an additional cream that protects it from UV rays, since the heat causes the color to lose its tone little by little.

The conditioner could be your worst enemy

The conditioner serves to give shine and softness to your hair, however, it is not suitable for all types of hair.

If your hair is greasy it will make it look heavier and dirty; If it is thin it will make it look even thinner and weaker, and in the case of dyed hair it could generate a dye wash faster than normal.


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