Kate Middleton the new blonde hair of the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton changes her hair color again from copper blond to brown hair with honey blonde balayage, a trendy color for autumn. The latest news on Kate

Before leaving for Pakistan, Kate Middleton changed her hair color again, it’s the second time in a few months that William’s wife shows a new color. Here are the photos and latest news on Kate.

Kate Middleton hair

Before it was dark brown, then over the years it changed several times but we had never seen it this way with hair with light blond shades. We are talking about Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William who apparently found the right shade of blonde suitable for her fair complexion. Here’s how the Duchess of Cambridge renewed her hair look.

During a visit to the natural history museum, kate was photographed with a new outfit, purple jersey and wide green pants that highlight her lean body and deny at the same time the continuous rumors built by the gossip tabloids on: “Kate Middleton pregnant “. But although his outfit in terms of color is a trend for autumn 2019, he is not the best.

Instead, what stands out are his blond brown hair obtained through the various balayage techniques, even the eyebrows seem lighter. The chosen hair color gives particularly to the wife of Prince William, it softens the features and does not highlight the wrinkles that Kate has in her face, although she is only 37 years old, 38 will accomplish them next January.

However the long scaled cut and the new color rejuvenate his face.

Kate Middleton together with Prince William will leave for Pakistan on a diplomatic mission by October for the royal family of which the Duchess of Cambridge is a member. For now he has found the right hair color, but the last clothes worn do not make them worthy. We’ll see what he wears for his next royal tour.


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