20 Looks that show the evolution of style of Jennifer Lawrence; from the long to the pixie

Jennifer Lawrance

Since its appearance in the famous saga of The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence became one of the best actresses that Hollywood has. But in addition to her great talent, the Oscar winner can also boast a great style. When it comes to appearing on a red carpet, their outfits do not go unnoticed. In recent years she has risked different looks, from garments that framed her waist with lines and classic silhouettes to the dresses of Dior Couture that made her an ambassador of one of the biggest fashion houses.

Since then, his transformation was notorious in every event he attended. Smokey eyes, the extreme blonde and pixie cuts with volume became his favorites. This is the great evolution of style of Jennifer Lawrence, because today is another day to try a change: happy 29, Jen!

The days before Dior

Before she won a million dollar contract with the Dior house, Jennifer chose outfits that did not enhance her figure.

Not all looks were successful

Some of her accessories and dresses were elegant and quite striking, unfortunately her stylist Rachel Zoe chose quite large costumes for the actress.

Even the sandals were great

The mid-length Lancero style dresses added more years to those he actually had. But definitely what ended up ruining his outfit were the sandals two larger numbers.

Her image was far from sophisticated

In the first appearances of the actress in red carpets, her image was unglamorous and sophisticated. Jennifer was betting on short dresses and prints.

Straight, blond and long

During the promotion of the first movie of The Hunger Games, Jennifer maintained a long, blond hair with bangs and quite straight; although it improved its presentation with a Tom Ford design that looked spectacular thanks to the fact that it had an impressive back neckline.

I loved the relaxed style

For summer days when she is more relaxed, Jennifer always bets on black tones, with touches of salmon or turquoise.

She knew what style was needed to travel

To travel, it is clear: jeans, tops and balerinas.

The Oscars gave it a new style

Although she stumbled on stage when she went up to receive her well-deserved award as the best actress, Jennifer made the right choice. The strapless dress in beige was spongy enough to cushion her fall.

Then Dior arrived

After winning the Oscar in 2015, the actress began to wear Dior dresses, surprising with an elegant style of haute couture.

And he welcomed a refined style

Thanks to Jull Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, her two new fashion coordinators, Christian Dior’s outfits that Jennifer wore were becoming more and more.

Bet on the black

The black outfits of the French firm have become the favorite of the actress. It also gives a different touch by choosing details that make it stand out, such as clutch of a different color, golden belts or stilletos of color.

And the black and withe

Simple but elegant, always wearing Dior, Jennifer surprised on the red carpet of Cannes with a black and white dress with volume at the hip.

She said hello to pixie cut

Her half mane turned into a pixie cut with long side bangs. Her radical cut gave him a more remarkable, relaxed and elegant look.

She stopped fearing looks with transparencies

Her gray dress with transparencies combined with a body and a black belt by Christian Dior was one of the most risky she wore and looked fantastic.

Imposed a new style with volume

Since she cut his hair, she did not stop surprising with her hairstyles with volume back.

She highlighted her curves again

This time with a column design that he chose for the SAG awards. Complemented her look with long earrings in black tones.

Haute couture became your ally

At the last Dior fashion show, Jennifer was faithful to the brand wearing a black and white dress with accessories and shoes in the same colors.

She wore with pride

In the Oscars of 2016 she was nominated for her performance in the movie Joy, she honored her style and wore a black dress with false transparencies by Dior.

Now she has a very striking look

Her new look to attend the fashion show at the Dior haute couture week was striking and relaxed, complemented by tennis, a hat and a signature bag.


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