The ‘inky black’ is the new trend of black hair; now it is darker than ever

Inky black

Lately social networks have been filled with very colorful hair trends, from rainbags, bicolor hair, to bold pink, and, truth be told, we love them! But there is a classic that has become darker than ever: black.

But it is not about any black but the inky black tonality (or black ink) that will give your hair the shine you had always wanted. This color is perfect to highlight your features, your outfit and, although it seems a discreet tone, it will make you stand out and you will be complimented.

It is the perfect dye for tough girls

Even with a simple outfit will make you stand out

Combine it with vibrant colors for a hypnotic contrast

Ideal to take out your rocker side

As dark as your soul

It looks good with brown skins

The clear

It will make you look like a vampire

Add color details

With dreadlocks or braids will give you an intrepid look

Join the dark side!

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