Imprinting: New Hair Coloring Technique

Imprinting: new hair coloring technique

Do you love original hairstyles? Davines is inspired by nature and launches the Imprinting coloring technique

The most famous catwalks in the world, make hair protagonists, through original coloring techniques able to make the multidimensional crown. Among these stands the Imprinting created by Davines.

We show you in detail this very original hair coloring technique, sure that it will represent one of the most significant trends of the season.

The Imprinting Technique

The techniques dedicated to hairstyle are constantly evolving. The constant search for novelty leads to the introduction of new trends that see color as the absolute protagonist.

Davines, always in step with the times, introduces the imprinting, an innovative coloring technique that replicates on the foliage, the typical geometries of Nature.

This technique was born from the creativity of Angelo Seminara, artistic director Davines since 2011 and a multi-award-winning hairstylist. It is inspired by Nature: its evocative geometries are taken up and introduced into this modern and avant-garde coloring technique.

From the veins that characterize the trunks of the trees to the clarity of a drop of water, these are just some of the particular graphic effects that the well-known hairstylist wanted to replicate on the hair.

All this is possible, exclusively in the authorized Davines salons, through the aid of an original instrument called “The Imprinter“.

So let’s find out all the secrets of Imprinting Davines coloring technique!

The “The Imprinter” Tool

In order to implement the imprinting technique, the colorist makes use of the “imprinter”, a particular instrument with a magnetic base designed ad hoc.

It consists of a pair of metal stencils that simulate the typical graphic lines of Nature, and which allow a specific color distribution to create original multi-dimensional effects.

This instrument gives life to a play of lights, shadows and vibrant and unique nuances of their kind. We create veins, geometric shapes, curved and wavy lines that make the hair absolutely original and glam!

How to Implement the Imprinting Technique

The Imprinting hair coloring technique is born to be very modulable, leaving the colorist a large margin of space for his creativity.

It is possible, in fact, to range between marked contrasts of color and character and elegant color combinations just mentioned by the allure chic and refined according to individual tastes and needs.

The Imprinting coloring technique allows to realize two different types of color application.

Partial application: the color is distributed only on specific sections of hair and is designed for those who want to get graphic games designed to glimpse in the crops or durate the casual gestures of everyday life;

Complete application: the color is applied to the entire head, creating a look with a high aesthetic impact, suitable for those who want to stand out and not afraid to dare.

Different solutions for different effects but always versatile and perfectly adaptable to the personal needs of every woman who likes to stand out but with elegance and panache.

Davines reinvents femininity with an extremely creative spirit, inviting you to freely exhibit your personality through color!

Where You Can Perform The New Imprinting Technique

The new Imprinting coloring technique conceived by Davines is carried out exclusively in the authorized dealerships of the brand.

It is possible to find the nearest Davines salon through the salon locator on this page.

What do you think of this technique? Would you like to implement it on your hair?

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