Icy Blue Hair: guide for choosing the perfect color

Icy Blue Hair

The hair color trend never stops! Precisely for this reason, after peach pink the new seasonal color is Icy Blue. Find out what it is

The days are long gone when colors like peach pink, green and Icy Blue – brightly flaunted in full or single locks on the foliage – were considered transgressive, relegating the man or woman who bravely wore them to the punk genre.

Now modernity – with the spread of the web – has abandoned this kind of preconceptions and such stylistic choices can be (almost) entirely socially accepted; this also thanks to the customs clearance of pastel colors worn casually by stars and famous influencers from all over the world.

Icy Blue: trendy color

With the arrival of the cold season, we clearly perceive the desire to give a touch of life and originality to our hair.

Many women, famous or not, are choosing the Icy Blue color: a shade of blue that can vary from a cold and sophisticated ice white with blue reflections to a more intense blue with electric blue locks to give movement to the hair.

Without so much delay, we can say that the color Icy Blue will be the undisputed protagonist of this winter 2019/2020, especially for all those women who will not be afraid to dare a little and get involved.

Who’s all right?

To understand who really gives this particular color, armocromia comes to our aid, which is the study of the colors that best suit people based on their undertone of skin, eye color and natural shade of hair. The armochromy divides people, based on color groups, into four main categories: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Analyzing the color palettes that characterize these four categories, we can find the nuance of blue at spring, summer and winter.

As a result, people who recognize themselves within these three categories can easily adhere to this new and interesting trend without fearing that color can somehow turn off or turn their natural skin and eye colors off.

A different thing for “autumn” people who, due to their generally warmer undertone, will not be enhanced by such a cold color as Icy Blue.

This does not mean that – independent of one’s own color palette – a person can feel free to experiment on his body with any color that makes him feel at ease with himself and with others. After all, every stylistic choice is just a matter of self confidence!

How to make it happen?

To achieve this particular shade of blue, it is good to turn to a professional specialized in making colors that go beyond the classic blond, black and brown, so that he can not only take care of your hair, but also be able to advise you of the nuance more suited to enhancing your person.

After a careful and accurate consultation, the professional hairdresser will proceed with a first bleaching step (on the whole hair, only on the tips so as to obtain a shading effect or only on some individual strands) that will be as intense as the clearer the must be final results.

The second step will be to apply the chosen color or color mix, so that the final nuance is not flat but full of changing nuances.

If you fancy a chill wave of news for this winter, Icy Blue will certainly not disappoint you and will leave friends and acquaintances speechless!


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