How to Wind Hair without Curlers?

How to Wind Hair without Curlers?

Who has not heard the famous phrase “Beauty requires sacrifice”? Very often in the pursuit of girls for impeccable appearance, these most innocent “victims” are the hair. To please current trends, anticipating admiring glances, women of fashion paint, straighten or curl ringlets, using also electrical appliances. But you can get an effective styling without harm to your head. If you need to complement the image with beautiful curls, it is useful to know how to wind hair without curlers and curlers.

Curly hairstyle will last longer if you wind curls on a clean head, washed without conditioner and balm. Just moistened head of hair keeps curls only a few hours.

Extend the effect will help styling; foam, mousse, creams, gels. They are amateur and professional. The second ones are more expensive, but they allow you to admire the ringlets for 1-2 days.

The varnish is suitable only for fixing the result.

Use the funds for strong fixation daily can not; it spoils the structure of the hair.

Do not overdo with styling, otherwise get sloppy, stuck together strands.

To give the image of naturalness, curl curls, having retreated from the roots a few centimeters (depending on the length, a maximum of 10-15).

Light, careless waves are the result of winding hair in the direction from the face.

Withdrawing from the head of improvised means, which used to lay, do not comb the curls. Model your hair with your hands, sprinkle with varnish.

Girls with short hairstyles can do perms on caps from markers, cocktail tubes.

How to Wind Hair without Curlers?


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