How to wear the low tail?

how to wear low tail

The bottom line is a trend that has been going very much lately, almost replacing the classic ponytail. Here’s what you need to know to make it better

The low ponytail is the new trendy ponytail: from the fashion week in New York, Paris and London, here are all the secrets of the most versatile hairstyle over time!

The low tail is a very versatile hairstyle, almost multitasking, as it is perfectly suited to those with a square face and, obviously, it is suitable for many occasions, from the most informal to the most chic.

The low, soft and elegant tail is the easiest hairstyle to make and can become very glamorous by adding a small detail that makes the difference, like a velvet ribbon to be dropped along the shoulders or a precious clip.

Finally, it is essential that the hair is shiny and silky: it is important to make treatments with specific shampoos and take care of the hair constantly, from the root to the ends. Furthermore, when you make the low tail, the upper part must be completely smooth and well pulled while the rest of the crown can remain soft and brightened by a few drops of linseed oil.

Create your low tail: here’s how

The low tail is among the simplest hairstyles to make, very easy and fast, apparently banal, but ideal for different occasions: from a simple city tour to an important Gala dinner.

It is possible to create the low tail in a very simple way, choosing between the classic or fluffy one. In the latter case, it will be sufficient to create a little volume, cotoning the root with a comb, without forgetting to brush the hair very well to avoid creating knots.

Easy to make, the low tail is perfect for playing down a particularly sophisticated make-up. It also appears to be very elegant and classy, ‚Äč‚Äčespecially if left to slide along the back on a fairly low-cut evening dress.

During the preparation, the important thing is not to flatten the hairstyle, cotonandola on the back and, instead of the classic elastic, you can use an elegant clasp to embellish everything and give a certain tone.

If you want a natural and cool way to tie your low tail, your choice can only fall on the fine and long rope, which will softly tie the tail itself, then tightening in a bow.

Velvet is not to be underestimated: a more than apt choice if you have to attend some important dinner. In fact, velvet is very useful for tying the tail and you can find it in many color variations; it will be easily appreciated for an elegant and refined hairstyle, but at the same time casual and playful.

You will realize, therefore, how many possibilities there are to create and model the best and, above all, at your convenience the low tail with the right accessories.

Finally, the low tail is a passepartout that will never go out of fashion, as it allows you to switch from one style to another with the same immediacy, leaving discreet space for creativity.


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