Cowash and gelwash: how to wash your hair without shampoo and make them shiny

How to Wash your Hair without Shampoo

What is cowash and how it is practiced. Let’s find out better how to make your hair clean and shiny without shampoo. Ideal for summer and for those who need to wash them very often. Do not underestimate the variant with gelwash.

“No poo”, or how to wash your hair without shampoo. If you are forced to cleanse your hair often, it is true that alternative shampoo washes that do not weaken the hair and do not irritate the scalp can be of great help. But there is a middle ground that could do for you: the cowash, literally “conditioner only wash”. What is cowash and how is it practiced?

Cowash, or conditioner only wash, means nothing more than “washing with conditioning only”, the balm. In practice, it is a matter of washing the hair with only sugar and balsam, taking advantage of the much more delicate surfactants of a shampoo: if to wash the hair, in fact, the balm will think, to clean the scalp will intervene the scrub carried out by the sugar , which will clean and degrease the skin without attacking it. And the result seems to be really bright.

This type of wash is ideal for those with a skin with dandruff or fine and brittle hair or should wash them frequently, but also when you go to the beach every day or practice a sport.

How to wash your hair with the cowash

First rule is to choose a balm with a good INCI and certificate of ecobio and good quality sugar.

What you need for the cowash:

  • a cup of sugar
  • a cup of balsam

How to proceed:

Mix together balsam and sugar and, after having wet the hair with warm water, spread the mixture on the hair, from roots to ends. After a time of about 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

Gelwash, what it is and how it is practiced

If you think, instead, that the use of balsam can weigh down your hair, you could resort to gelwash. If, for example, you have fatty skin, you might find the cowash a solution too heavy, the gelwash could be the right compromise to get hydrated and frizzy hair.

What you need for gelwash:

  • aloe vera gel, or even linseed gel or starchy gel or corn starch
    a balsam nut
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • half a spoon of sugar

How to proceed:

Mix all the ingredients together and, after having wet the hair with warm water, use the mixture as if it were a shampoo, leaving it to act for about 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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