How to use curling iron without damaging the hair

How to use curling iron

Curly and wavy hair can be defined perfectly with the curling iron, find out how to choose it and how to protect your hair by following the advice.

Showing off a curly and well-defined hair is not always easy, especially because curly and wavy hair compared to straight hair is difficult to manage. In particular, they can be inflated during drying, in fact it is always recommended to use specific products to define the styling.

Not all women know how to dry curly hair perfectly, in this case we must not be discouraged because there is a beauty ally that will allow you to have a perfectly wavy and wavy hair.

The curling iron is the tool that is right for you, which cannot be missing at home. Not only will it define curly hair, but it can also create waves and curls for natural straight hair.

In this way you can show off a voluminous and curly hair well defined as if you had gone to your hairdresser.

We give you all the tips to follow to make the best use of the curling iron avoiding making mistakes, compromising the health of your hair.

Curling irons: everything you need to know

The curling iron is a tool to better define curly and wavy hair, it not only allows you to create a different look than usual. It is recommended to have it at home, so that you can change your look whenever you want, especially when you are unable to go to the hairdresser.

Curling irons allow better results than those that can be obtained with hair straighteners, which many women use to define or create curls and waves. An innovation compared to the classic hair curling tools, which were used in the past, but always recurring.

In fact, gooseneck curlers are classic methods, but slower than curling irons, on the market there is not only one type of curling irons, but different, let’s find out which ones.

All curling irons are equipped with a handle, which has a heated and rotating end, the ceramic one is preferred, as it protects the hair during use. It also guarantees homogeneous drying.

The curlers with negative ions are those of the latest generation, which protect the hair from high temperatures and deeply nourish it. The curling irons on the market can be:

  • cylindrical: they are the easiest to use and the most sold;
  • conical: which allow to have natural waves, it is recommended for less experienced women;
  • automatic: simple and very easy to use, once inserted the lock of hair inside the device, it will do everything by itself;
  • curling plates: they are like the straightening plates, but allow a wavy course, so you can show off perfect waves.

After choosing the one most suitable for you, the hair must be prepared for drying with curling irons, let’s see how. It is important because you need to protect your hair to prevent it from getting damaged.

Start with the shampoo, using natural and specific products for your hair, then apply the conditioner to soften and detangle the hair. We have dedicated an entire article on how to take care of curly hair, click here to read it.

After washing your hair well, pat it dry with a towel and distribute a thermal protector over the entire hair that will protect the hair from the heat. It is a product that allows you to keep your hair healthy and hydrated during drying. The thermal protector can be applied both on dry and wet hair, it must never be forgotten.

How to dry with a curler

To dry the hair with the curler, start heating the iron, adjust the temperature according to the type of hair:

  • 160-180 ° C: in case of very thin hair;
  • 230 ° C: in case of thick and voluminous hair.

After shampooing, dry your hair and then define the styling, in fact the curling iron should be used on dry hair. The advice is to divide the hair into several sections, it depends on the bulk. Then with pliers, collect the locks and wrap with the curling iron.

Each strand is wrapped around the iron, without crushing the hair too much when you close with the pliers. Leave the clamp closed for about 4 seconds and then let it go gently, it is recommended to wind the lock clockwise and then the next anticlockwise.

In this way you guarantee a natural effect, then you lock each strand with tweezers, after finishing everything, steam a little lacquer and then remove the tweezers. Pass your fingers between the crown to create a more natural effect.

Mistakes to avoid and tips to follow

If you want to guarantee a completely perfect and natural effect, protecting your hair there are mistakes to avoid and above all tips to follow.

Mistakes to avoid:

  • turn the iron: when you put the lock in the iron and turn it you will get too curly hair, if you want a completely natural effect, you must avoid this. Just hold the iron with the hot part facing downwards, then wrap the lock around the hair, starting from the roots. Finish at the tips;
  • keep the strands around the iron too long: if you exceed 3-4 seconds, you risk burning your hair.

Tips to follow:

  • natural curly hair: use the 18 mm curler;
  • hair with curls: wrap small strands of hair;
  • bigger waves: wrap thicker strands around the iron;
  • run your hands through your hair, so as to create a natural effect.


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