Colored Hair: Stylish Ideas and how to treat them

Colored Hair: Stylish Ideas and how to treat them

More and more often girls decide to change their style and let themselves be overwhelmed by the fashion of the moment: colored hair is a real must for those who don’t want to go unnoticed!

Colored hair is a reality that has always allowed every woman to give a touch to her personality and identity, offering hair style professionals the opportunity to free their imagination. But how to choose the color that reflects the fashionable ideas of the moment?

Girls with Colored Hair: Between Fashion and Wellness

The hair expresses elegance, beauty, sensuality, making the features of a face stand out, hiding small defects and reflecting each person’s way of being. They are a part of the body that undergoes any transformation, giving life to realities that often make a female face a real art form.

You can vary the length, or the coloring and use them in order to reflect fashionable ideas. From very short colored hair to innovative cuts, from pastel colors like blue to natural ones that propose a reference to nature: colored hair is an expression tool, a reality that transforms every woman making her even more unique and exceptional.

Trendy Ideas: Dyed Hair

New trends and innovations, also this year a touch of color on the hair represents a valid reality to change and arouse emotions. Choosing is not always easy, especially with the vastness of colors that are on the market. Dyeing is something that can be done comfortably at home, but if you don’t have a precise idea, it can be very useful to rely on your trusted hairdresser and a color specialist.

In fact, in choosing the trend of the moment, some aspects that reflect the face of every woman must be considered. Dyed hair can be a contrasting element that stands out and accentuates some aspects of the face, but at the same time they must create a certain balance, reflecting the shades of the eyes, the brightness of the skin and adapting perfectly to the chosen cut and length.

Colored Hair: The latest trend is red hair

Trends for the new year revive the idea that colors are a real “accessory” of femininity and originality. Thanks to the new types of products, delicate and natural based, even in permanent and semi-permanent treatments, every woman has the opportunity to live the experience of coloring in perfect freedom.

But what are the trendy ideas for this new year? The inspiration of the new hair stylists is based both on a return to the colors of nature and in wanting to give different types of shades, making the hair shine and enhancing shades and reflections.

The red hair continues to remain among the trends of the moment, perfectly reflecting the new innovations with foilyage techniques and shades that reflect the autumn colors typical of the season, proposing the effect of the mild rays of the sun on an expanse of leaves, or a landscape with warm and intense colors. From a mixed yellow to orange to a bright maple red, it is a color very suitable for those who have a natural brown, a blonde or a red base.

Violet hair and primary colors

Even the primary colors are the reality that reflects the style of the moment with the use of bright colors and above all with uniform and bright colors. Blue continues to trend, both with locks that enhance some aspects of a woman’s face, and with an original and shocking effect, proposing an intense color of electric blue.

Even purple hair remains among the favorite colors with shades that can be diversified and with shades that reproduce the other trend of the moment, which is that of gray hair. Finally, for those who love natural colors, such as blond, brown and dark colors there will be the opportunity to give a touch of novelty to their style thanks to the color contrasts with locks and special effects that tend to detach the monotony.

Hair Care

Having healthy, shiny, soft hair with always perfect coloring is possible thanks to a series of precautions. Hair care must be carried out daily, both by eliminating the factors that can cause the bright and brilliant effect of the color to be lost, and by helping the hair to always be perfectly hydrated and voluminous.

The Colored Hair Shampoo

It is often thought that hair coloring loses its bright effect after a series of washes, but if you take the necessary precautions, you will have the opportunity to have a clean hair and at the same time a perfect tint. In the first place it is advisable not to make a shampoo immediately after the treatment, but to wait at least 48 hours in order to allow the complete fixing of the color.

It is also important to choose a product suitable for the color, which is delicate and non-aggressive. When washing the hair, it can be very useful to use water that is not too hot and conclude the operation with a jet of cold water, thus allowing a narrowing of the cuticles.

Feeding Hair: Masks and Conditioner

Shine, volume and brightness are three elements that reflect hair health. When making a coloring it is essential to hydrate them with a suitable hair mask and also use specific conditioners for dyed hair. This way you can always keep your hair in a perfect state, protecting the color brilliance. Today there are products that adapt to any type of hair from the finest and most fragile to the thick and thick ones

Limit the use of the hairdryer

The drying of colored hair is another very important phase. It can be very useful to use the hairdryer as little as possible and allow drying with a natural effect that also reflects a trendy style. In the case of the use of this tool, the jet must not be too hot and above all it is important to avoid direct action, so as not to damage the hair. It is therefore useful to detach the front vent and use a diffuser.

Change Style But Carefully

In case you want to give a touch to colored hair, creating undulations, curls or a smooth effect it is important to pay attention to the heat of the plates and, where possible, use more delicate tools such as straightening brushes.


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