How to strengthen hair in winter

How to strengthen hair

Taking care of your hair is essential for healthy and shiny hair. Here’s what to do to have perfect hair even in winter

In winter the coldest temperatures and the warm air of radiators and air conditioners tend to dry the hair and make it dull and brittle. The health of our hair is in fact linked to a series of factors such as climatic conditions, nutrition, used cosmetics and treatments such as dyes and hair pickles.

Why are the hairs turned off and weakened?

Usually throughout the year our hair is subjected to a series of stress: smog, seasonal changes (even after the summer it is good to make treatments to get your hair back), unbalanced nutrition or low in vitamins and mineral salts, the use of products for washing too aggressive, but also dyes and frequent frequent.

All these factors contribute to weakening the hair, making the hair less docile to the comb, weaker and easily broken.

When winter comes then, the harsher temperatures contribute to depriving the hair of their usual hydrolipic film already tested by hair dryers and hot plates.

The result is a less healthy and shining hair. But there are a number of measures that can be put in place to reverse this trend. First of all, it is necessary to start with the most delicate washes possible, with non-foaming products enriched with vitamins and nourishing oils. Even resorting to a mask or a nourishing pack once a week, to be held for twenty minutes at least, can help the hair regain strength and vigor.

Vitamins for hair: which ones to take to reinforce them

To strengthen the hair in winter, however, it may also be useful to take specific supplements – such as biotin – that help to nourish the hair giving it all the elements that can not be supplied with cosmetics.

In particular, the hair, stressed by the low temperatures, in this period require a surplus of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamins B and C. Also because a lack of these can provoke quite annoying disorders such as itching of the scalp and dandruff.

It is usually recommended to take specific supplements of these vitamins, or multivitamins specially formulated to strengthen hair, but also skin and nails – often in need as the hair.

Of course this remedy will be associated with adequate nutrition and obviously a healthier and less stressful lifestyle.

Reinforce hair with nutrition: the friends’ hair

Is it possible to reinforce the hair from the inside? The answer is yes. Just aim for a diet rich in minerals and vitamins that are friendly to your hair.

Obviously even the best food in the world can not work miracles if you then use aggressive products to wash or regulate your hair and that’s why it is always advised to act on several fronts to strengthen your hair in winter.

The ideal is therefore to associate a diet rich in vitamins of the B group (especially the B7 or Biotin, a real panacea for the hair), A and C with protective oils to be used before the usual styling with hair dryer and plate.

To get your hair full of vitamins you must consume a lot of fruit and vegetables, especially carrots, broccoli, pumpkin in many of its varieties, but also eggs, whole grains and beans should never be missing for strong top hair.


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