How to remove red from the hair: the most effective remedies

How to remove red from hair

Taking care of your hair is essential to feel good about yourself: this is how to remove red hair

Everyone, at least once in their life, happened to want to change hair color to feel different or to enhance the facial features and try one of the seasonal color trends. One of the trendiest nuances for women is red, ideal to give a touch of character to any face, as shown by many Hollywood stars who just can not resist this color so sensual and charming. If turning your hair, becoming red, is easy, you can not say the same thing of the opposite procedure, especially at the time: here is how to remove the red hair without damaging or stress them unnecessarily.

How to remove red from the hair: natural remedies

Red is perhaps the most difficult color to remove from the hair because, even if you try to cover it with darker shades, like chocolate brown, it always tends to re-emerge. But do not be discouraged because, in addition to using your own hairdresser of trust, you can also try natural remedies. When asked how to download the red color from the hair, the first answer is to wash them often. The red fact fades much more easily than the other colors, so even just the fact of frequently washing the hair, adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the neutral shampoo, will help to reduce the color: even practice, twice a week, a hot water, vinegar or hot oil wrap, it is very useful to eliminate the remains of this nuance.

Another very effective method is to resort to the use of a semi-permanent reflex that can be purchased in a specialized shop or directly by the trusted hairdresser; this product must be applied after a neutral shampoo. The procedure is very simple: you have to apply the reflex with the help of a comb if possible with tight teeth and leave for 15 minutes. Afterwards, proceed with washing the hair with cold water and carefully dabbing the hair: with these simple steps each woman can finally answer the question on how to remove the red even from blonde hair. Last advice: in this phase it is advisable to avoid exposure to the direct action of the sun continuously and, if possible, to make a treatment to get your hair back in shape after the summer.

How to cover the red of the hair: the secret is patience

Covering the red of the hair with another nuance is not at all simple: even dark colors like chocolate brown with time still reveal traces of red. For this reason it is better to avoid making dyes on colors, but proceed calmly. Those who prefer to apply directly to their hairdresser of trust will be advised to follow more treatments, allowing the hair to discharge the red color without weakening and breaking: within a few months, taking care of your hair at home and at the hairdresser, results will be truly surprising, also combining good treatment with invigorating keratin. Otherwise you risk unnecessarily stressing the hair, getting the opposite effect. To the fateful question how to remove the red from the hair, the answer is always one: do not be in a hurry, respect the health of your hair and choose only products and treatments of proven quality.

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