How to protect hair color in summer?

How to protect hair color in summer

During the summer it is important to take care of the skin but also of the hair, especially if it is colored. Here are some suggestions to follow

Protect is the keyword when it comes to hair care during the hot season. Spiky tips and strange color changes are the order of the day, do not allow the salt and the sun to ruin the color and the hair structure is a must. What is better to do and what is absolutely to be avoided? Let’s find out together.

Tips and tricks

We wait for the whole year to take a nice vacation, to immerse ourselves in the sea and to relax in the sun. The sunscreen is now in daily use, we also find it in the cosmetics we use every day, so we take care of our skin, but hair? This part of our body also requires special attention, especially when it has already been stressed by bleaching and dyeing. Preserving brilliance and full color is possible thanks to some tricks besides the use of specific products.

The use of solar protection spray is essential to prevent the hair from drying too much and to keep the color alive. To take to the beach and to apply during sun exposure, several times a day and after each bath (if possible, rinse your hair with fresh water as soon as you leave the sea). Products that strengthen and protect from sun, salt and wind.

Oils and milk textures, containing sun filters, guarantee healthy, soft and shiny hair all summer long. To choose based on the type of hair: the driest ones obviously require more oily products that nourish deeply, while those who suffer from the opposite will have to opt for lighter solutions.

Masks, wraps and specific products. Do not underestimate the power of products dedicated to your hair color and suitable for the summer season. Better to opt for example, for a light and delicate shampoo, considering that the washes are decidedly more frequent in this period of the year. A detangling balm able to dissolve possible knots without making the hair too heavy. Intensive, rich and highly moisturizing treatments are masks, to be used throughout the summer and wraps that repair with timely effect. There are many variations, some contain pigments with a reflective effect to revive their tone.

No to the hair dryer and the plates. Drying your hair naturally is a release and it is also very healthy for our hair. Curling irons, ironing plates and hair dryers combined with rubbing caused by the styling brushes, do nothing but wear out the hair that has already been put to the test since the summer. If you want to get some fabulous beach waves, make a braid in the evening with damp hair. In the morning you will see waves, natural, without subjecting your hair to the stress of high temperatures. Boiling water is another enemy, but an ally is a final rinse with warm or cold water.

Trendy color summer 2019

Peach blonde is the color of summer 2019, which goes crazy with its various shades. A copper broken by the blond, an orange in some cases tending to pink. Preserving this sparkling and luminous shade or any other, in the best possible way, means choosing your hair routine carefully.

Taking care of colored hair in the summer certainly means hydrating but also wanting to avoid reddish reflections if you are brown or want to lighten a color that is already light, if you are blond.

Depending on the color, the elements contained in the product change and obviously the final result on the foliage. In short, beauty also passes from hair care, pamper them!

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