How to prepare hair for the arrival of summer, discover the tips

how to prepare hair for the arrival of summer

With the arrival of summer, the hair must be prepared, so that you can show off a healthy and radiant hair. Let’s find out some useful tips.

It is important to take care of your hair all year round with a simple and targeted beauty routine based on your hair.

Frequent washing, dyes and styling products can often damage and weaken the hair.

In particular, with the arrival of summer the hair must be ready, so that you can show off a thick and bright hair.

It is known that with the arrival of high temperatures and beyond, salt, humidity and saltiness can weaken and damage your hair. So it is appropriate to prepare the hair, with small and simple precautions to prevent it from drying out or brittle. We give you all the useful tips to face the arrival of the most beautiful season of the year.

How to prepare hair by following a few steps

Summer is around the corner, the hair cannot wait, you have to prepare it, to better face the sun, salt and chlorine.

Hair is often our weak point when summer comes, because it is stressed, more and more. We often resort to washing, because we spend more time in the open air, therefore they are more exposed to air pollution, but especially if we go to the sea or to the pool, we wash them more frequently.

So to avoid finding ourselves with a dry, brittle and not very bright hair, it is necessary to follow these tips.

1- Wash hair with natural products: the use of shampoos with aggressive and non-natural ingredients can damage the hair. In the process of the arrival of summer it is appropriate to change habits, here’s how. First of all, the hair must be washed every 3/4 days, because frequent washing damages the hair, between one shampoo and the other use a dry one, which gives volume to the hair and strengthens it. Choose a shampoo that does not contain silicones and sulphates.

2- Apply the conditioner to detangle the hair: it is very important for complete hair care. Especially in the summer season, as the hair is more exposed to the sun and ultraviolet rays, which tend to wear it out. So if it is not applied regularly, the tips appear to dry out, always choose a conditioner suitable for your hair.

3- Periodically use masks: the hair must always be nourished and cared for, especially before the summer. Also in this case, the mask changes according to the type of hair, it is applied on the whole hair, starting right from the root, up to the tips. After application it must rest well for at least 15 minutes, then proceed with the shampoo, as usual. We also recommend making masks during the summer. Always choose oil-based products such as argan, jojoba or coconut. Of course in case of irritated scalp, you can apply soothing masks. For each hair its mask, find out which one:

  • dry and brittle hair (click here to read the article)
  • oily hair (click here to read the article)

4- Cut the tips a little: it is not a good habit to wait after summer to cut your hair. A small snack to the hair is what you need, maybe eliminate the annoying split ends.

5- Follow a healthy diet: some foods are really useful for your hair, because they moisturize and fortify, let’s find out. Follow a targeted diet, rich in vitamins A, B5 and E, choose these foods:

  • apricots
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • carrots
  • nuts: eating 2-3 nuts a day gives vitality to the hair, strengthening the hair fiber;
  • blue fish
  • green tea

6- Avoid tying your hair often: elastics are not recommended, better clips or bands, so as to avoid stressing the hair fiber. If you really can’t give up on a ponytail, use very soft elastic bands to collect the hair. In fact, with the increase in temperature, you cannot give up a braid or a bun.

7- Be careful when drying your hair: not only aggressive products are deleterious for the hair, but also the high temperatures of hair dryers and hair straighteners can ruin the hair. During the summer, temperatures are higher, therefore drying your hair in the open air is the ideal solution. In this way you avoid the use of hair dryers and straighteners which in the long run make hair brittle and dry. It is not a problem even for those who need to tame curly hair, just use foams and sprays to keep them at bay. If you don’t like the idea of ​​giving up the hairdryer for your styling, you can choose the ones that emit negative ions. In fact they go to eliminate static electricity from the hair, you will not notice your electrified and dull hair.

Hair in the sun: how to protect it

Hair should not be protected only before but also during sun exposure, after swimming in the sea or in the pool. Sometimes it is not appropriate to make a rinse or a shampoo, because the hair must be treated and treated.

Chlorine and salt are enemies of the hair, because they make them dry and dry in the long run, but if you pay the right attention you can protect them so they do not lose their shine and softness. It is advisable to wear the silicone cap, so as to protect the hair from chlorine, then wash them thoroughly and apply the conditioner. It is recommended to apply some coconut oil on the hair, because it hydrates the hair by nourishing it.

Not only before exposing your hair to UV rays, apply specific protection, several times a day, and distribute it with a wide-toothed comb. You can also prepare a spray on dates, here’s how. Put in a bottle with vaporizer, add 2 tablespoons of argan or olive oil or coconut, pour 4 cups of warm water. Shake and distribute the product on the hair at least 20 minutes before sun exposure or bathing.


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