How to Make Straight Hair at Home Without Plate

How to Make Straight Hair at Home without Plate

How to make straight hair: all the secrets for a perfect styling even at home

How to make straight hair, perfect almost like a hairdresser, even at home? Of course it is not easy, it takes years and years of brush strokes before finding the perfect technique but it is possible, the words of enamel friends!

Although they seem harder, actually straightening with straight hair is much easier because both professional brushes and straightening products are of great help. To achieve wavy, wavy hair, it is not enough to put your head down but you need more instruments and have expert hands to work on the volume of the roots.

Even at home we can replicate a perfect styling with straight hair and here are some tips.

Smooth hair trend

If in recent seasons hair styling trends have preferred wavy, wavy hair with scaled cuts, the long and liscious hair will come back into fashion from next season.

In almost all the backstage fashion of next spring summer, the models’ hair floated smooth and free on the back.

And from the fashion shows you can not only grasp the trends but also steal the secrets of the best hair stylist, such as these simple light cotton bands on the hair fixed with the goose nozzles to make them flatten and I could not help but ask Paul Rossi, art director of Aldo Coppola Italia who explained how to have straight, shiny and perfect hair.

How to make straight hair at home

Replicating a good styling like this is not easy but possible, you only need the right tools.

First of all, it starts with good shampoo and conditioner products that untangle the hair and do not hydrate it. Then the hair is dabbed with a towel and very useful are smoothing products, to be used before styling, which untangle the hair and do not make it frizzy or electrified.

Among the best I have tested Liss Control of Tecni Art by L’Oréal Professionnel, a product for professional use but we can also try at home.

Liss Control by Tecni Art of L’Oréal Professionnel

Products like these are essential to facilitate styling.
And at this point it’s up to us, because you have to work with a brush and a hair dryer!

The techniques for having straight hair with brushing

The techniques for a perfect styling

The most suitable brush to have straight hair is round with thick bristles and if you buy a professional brush, just the ones used by hairdressers, you will have excellent results.
Then it would be better to use a hairdryer with a diffuser and the nozzle to direct the air so that the hair does not crimp.

We divide the hair into a lock fixed with the goose beaks and we work lock by strand starting from the lowest near the neck; it wraps every touch on the brush and unrolls slowly following the movement of the brush with the blow of the hair dryer.
This for the lengths but to have more volume on the roots of the hair, after having rolled the lock on the brush, just adjust the hair dryer on a rather hot temperature and kept close to the hair. Slowly unroll it keeping the lock as perpendicular to the head as possible.

Other tricks to have perfect straight hair at home

Little tricks to get straight hair

There are some techniques for those who have naturally straight hair but that are never perfect in the fold or for those who are simply lazy with the brush … here are some little trick like:

  • Use smoothing products.
  • comb the hair with a flat brush and then dry it upside down, directing the jet from roots to ends.

Another trick is to wash the hair in the evening and dry them leaving them slightly moist; then a straightening product is applied, a low tail is made and turned inward, holding it with the last round of elastic. You sleep like that and in the morning they untie their hair and comb their hair with a flat brush.

They are quick solutions and for those who already have natural straight hair but the effect will be smooth and flat.

How to make straight hair with finish products

A good styling is also seen by the shine of the hair and to have shiny hair and correct small imperfections, there will be very useful products of the finish as a polishing serum to give an extra brilliance to the hair.

Just put a few drops in the palm of your hands and pass them on the hair, especially on the final part, usually the most opaque.

I am in love with this product, Mythic Oil, which I have used all summer and I am sipping: a very fragrant product, which makes hair really shiny!

My favorite hair styling products

And I know friends it takes a lot of patience to have perfect hair but with a little ‘good will you will be better than your hair stylist!

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