Natural masks for hair at home: 5 masks for each type of hair

Natural masks for hair at home

5 recipes to follow for natural homemade hair masks. Do not spend time and money but try to follow these tips and the best recipes for hair care

Here’s how to make natural hair masks at home, with ingredients easy to find in the supermarket and comfortable to use.

On the market there are ready-made formulas of all kinds, but do we know what’s inside? Are they really good for hair? And do we want to talk about the cost not so much in economic terms, but in environmental terms (production, residue, disposal of the can …)? We could then brush up on homemade natural hair masks every now and then, at little cost, as grandma did.

Not all DIY hair masks work on any hair: even for home made products you have to find the right one for you. However, one thing is certain: homemade mixtures will hardly cause damage of any kind, especially if you stick to the following advice!

Natural masks for oily hair

The secret to treating greasy hair is not so much “degreasing”, as restoring balance and letting the skin breathe. Prepare an astringent and purifying decoction by boiling nettles for 20 minutes, or fresh mint leaves or (but only if you have dark hair) rosemary. Use it lukewarm to dilute natural clay until a creamy dough is obtained. You can add 2 drops of lavender essential oil, thyme or tea tree oil (only one of the three, and without exceeding). Apply the compress for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly without shampoo. Pros: clay also has good anti-inflammatory properties. Cons: rinsing it completely is not easy.

Masks for dry hair

Nourishing dry hair naturally is quite easy, as there is no shortage of ingredients for a nourishing homemade mask. There are many possible egg yolk masks, but our favorite one besides nourishing hydrates, which is the most useful thing. Mix 1 jar of whole white yogurt (not sweet), 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil. Since the egg has a strong smell that is not easy to wash away, you can add 1 drop of lemon essential oil. Distribute it on the hair and cover with a plastic cap or plastic wrap, then leave on for 15-20 minutes and wash with the most delicate shampoo you have.

Masks for curly hair

Curly hair, natural or permed, is the one that best “bears” the oil-based masks, which indeed give definition to the curls without weighing them down. If you want to nourish and combat frizz, you can try a compress made by emulsifying a part of castor oil (very good for the hair, but very thick) with a part of coconut or almond oil and a little warm water. You can keep it on for a long time, even overnight. Rinse and wash your hair with a shampoo without conditioner, then leaving it to air dry.

Hair masks for pregnant women

In pregnancy it is better not to use essential oils, concentrated decoctions and complex synthetic products, especially if they are fragrant, because they could irritate the delicate balance of the skin and make the nausea worse. Alternatively, you can try without fear a very simple and totally safe mask: blend the pulp of 1-2 avocados with the quantity of olive oil sufficient to make everything creamy and “manageable”. Hold for 15 minutes, then wash with a little mild shampoo. No danger for you and the child, a lot of love for the hair!

Masks for damaged hair

Mind you: a natural mask does no miracles, given that even professional care is not able to truly rebuild a broken or split ends hair. But this does not mean that you have to surrender to the solver cut: to restore body and health to an abused head of hair, fill it with vitamins with something you probably didn’t expect, that is, a fruit mask! Blend a banana with some strawberries, a splash of lemon and coconut oil enough to mix everything. Resist the temptation to taste the mask and leave it on for 15-20 minutes on your damaged hair to be strengthened; then rinse well using, if necessary, a little mild shampoo.

The extra secret

As a base for moisturizing masks you can also use the mucilage obtained by boiling flax seeds for 20 minutes: filter the liquid with a strainer, let it cool and it is ready for use; you can also store it in the freezer and defrost it as needed.

Now you know 5 very useful hair masks, completely natural and cheap to take care of your hair, that your hair is dry or oily, and even if you are pregnant.


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