How to Make Natural Curls for Short Hair at Home?

natural curls for short hair

Cute puppet curls, royal large curls, romantic smooth waves. And in fact for this it is absolutely not necessary to go broke for a hairdresser, it is enough to “fill your hand” with the use of improvised means, and you can create stylish and fashionable images yourself at home.

Today we will reveal some secrets of natural curls for short hair at home. You will need patience, ingenuity and a few devices.

Large curls at home with ironing

I must say that romantic large curls on medium or long hair a favorite hairstyle of Hollywood stars. The secret of such a large-scale popularity of this laying lies in the fact that it is universal and, of course, very beautiful. An effective wave will be appropriate for a wedding or a party, perfect for a graduation party or a working corporate.

How to make?

Take the iron (yes, this is the device for straightening the hair) and use it for other purposes:

Separate a small strand of previously dried and well-combed hair and clamp it with the appliance 2-3 cm from the roots.

Turn the iron on 180 ° C and slowly guide the hair to the tips. It’s important not to overdo it: if you tighten the curl too hard, get sharp and ugly creases.

Repeat the procedure on the remaining strands.

Let the strands cool down, then comb the hair with a large wooden comb or spread your fingers. Do not stretch your curls, your hairstyle will not last long.

Fix this result with a hair spray.

A few secrets to using ironing

In no case do not put wet curls with forceps, this will be extremely detrimental to their health.

Carry out all the manipulations of the iron from the roots to the tips.

Do not overdo with the temperature, for thin light hair choose the middle mode.

To avoid the appearance of ugly folds, lead the iron on the hair smoothly and do not squeeze the strand.

At home, it’s enough to make beautiful large curls with ironing, but be prepared for the fact that the first time you can not get. In this case, skill and skill are important.


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