How to make hair dye last longer?


Because it is expensive and ends up damaging the hair fiber in the long run, all women want their dye to last as long as possible, especially when they have gray hair. However, as we know, it tends to fade after each wash. Good news: today we are going to provide you with some tips to change the situation!

Are you tired of these roots that grow too quickly and these white hairs that constantly appear in your mane? To space out the application of dyes, without sacrificing radiance and shine, you simply need to establish a judicious routine. Here are 8 tips to prevent your hair from fading quickly and to make the coloring last without damaging your hair.

How do dyes damage hair?

Frequency plays an important role: repeated dyeing, especially in a short period of time, ends up drying out the hair, breaking it and causing it to fall out. Not to mention that most commercial dyes contain chemicals that are harmful to skin and hair. So, if you also combine them with heating appliances and other straightening treatments, the health of your hair takes a big hit!

How to make hair dye last longer?

Have you recently changed your look? Are you now sporting superb coloring that makes your hairstyle sparkle? But how can you maintain this pretty tone for as long as possible without falling into the trap of touch-ups? Follow these tips to avoid rapid fading, but also to keep your hair beautiful and well hydrated. Take notes !

Always use shampoo for colored hair

If you are used to hair dyes, it is crucial to take care of your hair by using specific products that do not contain sulfates or parabens. This is what will help you make the color last longer. This type of shampoo is the most recommended to protect the natural oils of your hair, but also to keep it hydrated, soft and shiny.

Space out the washes: it is essential not to wash every day

It goes without saying, the more you wash your hair, the less the dye lasts. The ideal would be to wait one to two days after applying the color. This will give the pigment time to settle in the follicle. Washing every three days, or even once a week, is even better, to prevent the coloring from fading too quickly.

Use conditioner to properly hydrate your hair

Hydrating the hair is one of the keys to making hair dye last longer and not fade after each wash. Remember that the drier and more porous your hair is, the less the color lasts from the lengths to the ends. However, by hydrating them deeply and regularly, this will prevent the oxidation of the pigment. It is therefore preferable to use masks for colored or dry hair. Don’t forget the conditioner either, at least twice a week.

Forget rinsing with very hot water!

Do you like to take a nice shower with hot water? Of course, it’s pleasant, but be careful, the high temperature opens the hair cuticle and makes it more porous. Dryness must therefore be avoided at all costs so as not to affect the durability of the dye. How to rinse your hair? Wash them with lukewarm water first, then rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle.

Take care of your hair in summer

As you probably know, hair is put under severe strain in summer during sunbathing. If you plan to go to the swimming pool or the beach often, you will need to minimize the damage caused by chlorine and sea salt. They have a way of damaging hair dyes. A word of advice: before going swimming, we invite you to wear a waterproof hat, otherwise in the long run, your hair will become brittle, dull and dehydrated.

Choose your stain wisely

Before you get started, learn that permanent dyes offer greater color fastness, while semi-permanent ones don’t hold up to frequent washing. This is due to the chemical composition of the products. The gentle and healthy alternative remains demi-permanent dye. It fades more slowly, contains no ammonia and is low in peroxide. It is estimated to last between 24 to 28 washes.

Entrust your hair to a professional hairdresser

Of course, having your hair dyed is not an operation to be undertaken lightly. To prolong the effects of your coloring, especially if you are looking for a radical change with highlights, it is always better to choose a professional in this area. Alone, you will probably use a semi-permanent cosmetic formula and the color will last less. It is therefore better to opt for professional quality products, directly from the hair salon.

Let the dye penetrate deeply

Of course, the success of long-lasting coloring relies on hair care and the use of quality dye. But there’s a secret to remember: letting the formula penetrate completely. Beware of this common mistake which consists of systematically washing the hair to remove the dye. Don’t do it anymore! Rinse them first with lukewarm water, then clean them with the product provided with the kit. After a few days, you can use a shampoo specially designed for colored hair. One thing is certain: if you use your regular shampoo, you will lose your pigmentation.

How to close cuticles after dyeing hair?

Sealing the cuticles after dyeing is essential to prevent your hair from becoming porous, dry and brittle. You should know that with each application, the cuticles open so that the dye penetrates deeply and the color change occurs effectively. However, if the cuticles are left open, the hair becomes dehydrated and weakens. As for the pigment, it escapes quickly and the color does not last long. The solution ? Opt for an acidic shampoo and a post-coloring mask to deeply nourish your hair. So you can say goodbye to split ends!

What to do to prevent hair dye from lightening?

When dye lightens and makes hair appear dull, it is because the hair fiber has a limited capacity to absorb pigment. Result: it expels the dye within 72 to 96 hours after application.

Have you recently opted for lighter or copper tones? So, here is a simple tip to make the color and shine last. You will love !

You will need:


  • ½ liter of water
  • ¼ cider vinegar
  • ¼ chamomile tea

How to use:

  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly until you obtain a homogeneous solution. Wash your hair as usual and rinse it with this preparation. Leave on for two to five minutes.
  • Remove with cold water to get rid of the strong smell and that’s it! Then dry your hair with a microfiber towel. Apply this tip once or twice a week. It’s super effective for reviving the golden or copper tone of your hair.


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