Five tips to make (and cure) dreadlocks in the best way


Dreadlocks have always been linked to African culture: here is how to do them and how to cure them over time.

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion: they have always been linked to African identity, but in reality they are historically also associated with the ancient Greek, Aztec, Buddhist and, above all, Rastafarian cultures. Here’s how to do and cure dreadlocks in just a few simple steps.

The most natural way to get dreadlocks is to completely neglect your hair: they should not be combed, brushed, cut or washed for anything in the world! This system, known as the “neglect method”, obviously takes many years. If you don’t have the time and patience, there are a number of other ways to achieve dreadlock more evenly and, above all, in less time.

In any case, make sure you have anti-residue shampoos, hair dryers, rubber bands and clips, a fine-toothed comb and the special dread wax on hand.

How to make dreadlocks

There are several methods for making dreadlocks, the most famous of which is certainly backing (backcombing), but the method of weaving / crochet and rubbing with a woolen cloth are equally valid.

Whatever method you choose, there are five basic steps to keep in mind:

  • wash your hair with a residual shampoo to remove all grease and dirt from your hair
  • carefully blow the hair in every direction, without leaving wet locks, so as to obtain the greatest possible volume in the hair;
  • separate the hair into sections of 2-3 cm in diameter, collecting them with elastic or clips;
  • apply the dread wax to the entire length of each strand, starting from the root, and twist the lock between the palms of the hands so as to obtain a fairly narrow cylindrical shape, so as to smooth and tie the individual hair together;
  • stagger the strands so as not to leave the skin exposed and have irregular dreadlocks, for a fuller and more natural look.

By following these simple directions, you can make a fantastic dreadlock hairstyle with extreme ease.

How to keep dreadlocks

It is often said that dreadlocks, once made, should not be washed so as not to damage them or, in general, that they do not require any kind of treatment, but this is not the case. Even dreadlocks must be kept fresh and clean. To do this without ruining them, just follow a few simple tips:

  • avoid washing dreadlocks during the first week, in which they are more delicate and may become loose and untangle. In the shower, they can be protected with a large cap;
  • after the first seven days, the dreadlocks can be safely washed two / three times a week, always using a shampoo with no residue, to prevent the dreadlocks from lubricating and melting.
  • be sure to completely dry the dreadlocks, because leaving them wet can cause a bad smell;
  • use dread wax regularly, at least once a week, to prevent dreadlocks from loosening;
  • spray salt water to restore vitality to dull and loose dreads.

Final tips for perfect dreadlocks

Carrying dreadlocks for a long time can take a lot of effort and sometimes even cause some minor discomfort.

Let’s see some useful tips to keep this hairstyle longer:

  • sometimes, wearing dreadlocks can irritate the scalp. Using conditioning sprays helps relieve this feeling, restoring the right moisture to the skin;
  • even the weight of dreadlocks can irritate the scalp. A 5-10 minute massage before going to sleep can be regenerating;
  • to prevent dreadlocks from gathering all types of fluff and down from the pillow during the night, it is best to tie them in a scarf (preferably silk) before going to sleep;
  • use natural hair products, which do not contain chemicals and leave no residue, helps keep dreadlocks healthy;
  • as the hair continues to grow, there will be loose ones at the roots. Just remember to regularly pass dread wax and roll loose hair to existing dreadlocks.


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