How to lighten hair naturally? Effective remedies

How to lighten hair naturally?

Lightening your hair in a natural way is good for the environment and our health, as well as saving us money. Here are all the effective natural remedies to make pre-shampoo compresses

How to lighten hair naturally can appear at first sight impossible. Instead, a few simple ingredients are enough from the pantry to get lighter and lighter hair.

How to lighten your hair naturally?

How to lighten the hair in a natural way without, that is, resorting to chemical dyes and discolorations? Thanks to the use of natural substances that we all have at home. Using preshampoo compresses and, above all, making us help from sunlight.

Clarify your hair in a natural way, in fact, it is possible if we let ourselves be assisted by the gifts Mother Nature gave us. But the fundamental help comes from the sun which amplifies the effectiveness of natural treatments based on substances such as lemon, honey, chamomile and beer. You read correctly, there is also beer among naturally lightening substances. Let’s see how they are to be applied.

A fruit with a thousand different uses

The first natural hair lightening is, without a doubt, lemon. It is used in the simplest way possible: take a couple of lemons and squeeze. Their juice is then cleaned from seeds and pulp and combined with a part of water. In this case, the use of a sprayer with which to distribute the solution over the entire hair in a uniform manner is invaluable. At this point it takes the action of the sun. The more you are in the sun and the more hair will become lighter but, to start with, even an hour’s laying in the sunniest hours can be enough. To which you need to follow a shampoo and an emollient wrap to moisturize your hair.

Similar benefits from different substances

A remedy of grandmother effective in many occasions that is revealed, also, natural lightening for hair is chamomile. You can use the convenient sachets that we use for relaxing herbal teas or dried flowers purchased in herbal medicine. The infusion thus obtained is sprinkled on the hair with the help of a spray. You need to stay in the sun for a while to notice the lightening effect. Chamomile can still be used together with honey for a DIY mask to be left on the hair for as long as possible. And the beer? It can replace chamomile for an alternative pre-shampoo wrap. Afterwards, a super-perfumed shampoo is a must.

The importance of herbs

Among the products to lighten hair, herbs and medicinal plants should be reserved a place of honor. In fact, the compresses we have been talking about so far become much more effective when combined with the action of exotic spices that are increasingly common in our homes. We are talking about cinnamon and turmeric known to give the hair golden and bright reflections. Cinnamon, in particular, has a delicious aroma that will not displease you in the honey and chamomile mask at all. Turmeric, on the other hand, has an important coloring agent that is revealed, above all, in henna-based packs.

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You need a little patience for naturally shiny hair

We have seen a rundown of the ways in which you can lighten your hair naturally. These simple and low cost solutions have undoubted advantages: they do not damage the hair and have zero impact on the environment. The reflexes thus obtained lighten the hair for a visible tone-on-tone result: if you are brown, you will not be able to become blonde, but certainly brown. Another important aspect is perseverance: this is the only way to activate a natural lightening for hair.


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