How to help your boyfriend at home?


Find out how to take care of him during the quarantine by taking care of his hair: here are the tips to cut your partner’s hair

If you want to see the glass half full in this difficult period of forced isolation, without a doubt the pro is to be found in the development of unsuspected and unsuspected DIY skills for all of us.

We discovered expert nail technicians (in this regard we remind you of our tips for taking care of the semi-permanent and the gel in quarantine), test tube pizza makers and, last but not least, a level hairdresser.

In fact, if we have tried in various ways to give a decent look to our now uncultivated hair, we are also slowly discovering the art of helping others’ hair.

We strive to fix the hair of mothers, sisters, any roommates but, above all, companions, husbands and boyfriends.

Yes, because, however difficult it may be, sooner or later the request for help will come and they too will have to bend over to a beauty moment. It will be important for us to find ourselves prepared.

So how best to help our him and his hair? Let’s find out together thanks to a real mini-course for barber test tubes.

How to cut a man’s hair at home

To cut the hair of a man, whether with a scissor or with an electric razor, it is necessary to follow very precise directives that only experts can teach us properly.

First of all a real “revelation”: men also have their tastes. Yeah, just them, those who seem ready to grasp the razors and clean up all the thick hair, can actually hide very precise personal preferences.

Before even holding the scissors, it will then be necessary to set up a real conversation with our him: what does he want? How do you imagine the cut you are about to make?

This very first step is also important to avoid bitter disappointments: if you imagine that you find yourself as the best Radja Nainggolan, perhaps it is appropriate to reduce expectations.

The second step will consist in the organization.

With other people’s heads you don’t mess around, so take the time to make the cut, proceed with alma and, above all, before starting, make sure you have what you need. If it is a razor, make sure it is in good condition. And the scissors? No, those for the caratano are fine and even less for the kitchen: the scissors must be for the hairdresser, perhaps not the best model but still designed for the hair.

Now the time has come to get down to business.

How to cut a man’s hair at home with scissors

Let’s face it, we are starting from the perhaps a bit more complex method, the one that requires a bit more manual skills and a lot of attention to always keep the same lengths. Nothing impossible, of course, but we must proceed calmly and precisely.

First of all, know that it starts strictly from wet hair. A nice shampoo then, a rich combing and let’s start:

  • Divide the hair by creating a line in the center to split the head vertically in 2.
  • Comb the upper part forward and take small locks between the middle and index fingers: now, sliding your finger almost to the end, cut the tip of the lock.
  • Proceed like this on the whole upper part of the head, checking that always, step by step, that the lengths are always the same.
  • On the back of the head cut following the existing cutting lines. They should be clearly visible since the hair behind tends to be scaled.
  • Remember that, to cut hair with scissors, you must always bring the locks outwards and position them horizontally.
  • Now, if you also have an electric razor or a classic razor available, you can use it to define the part under the neck and behind the ears.

The game is done: a nice shake on the hair to eliminate the cut hair stuck, a new comb and you will have completed your job very well.

How to cut a man’s hair at home with a razor

Here we should be on a much smoother ground.

The first step will be choosing the razor comb. The different sizes are identified by a number that implicitly communicates the depth of the cut: the number 6 comb, for example, keeps the hair long enough, the 4 instead is used for a classic cut, the 2 for a genuinely military effect. So choose carefully the comb together with your him and, if you have doubts, always start from a higher number: shortening is always possible, lengthening much less.

After that, continue as we are going to indicate you. Remember that, in this case, it works on perfectly dry hair.

  • Start by swiping the razor from the base of your head upwards. It would be good to follow straight lines so as to make sure not to leave out any area.
  • For the upper part we recommend changing the head: switch to a wider one, in this way you will get the effect of the shorter side and longer front. Here too you always proceed from the bottom up. For the central locks you may need the help of a brush: this is the only way to understand for sure what length the locks have and how much to cut.
  • Define carefully the part of the neck and behind the ears
  • Now wash and dry your hair to admire the final result.

Remember that for the “military cut” the change of comb for the upper part of the head will not be necessary.

Are you ready to get involved now? Remember that it could be a very pleasant and fun moment of intimacy but, if some error should spoil the situation, you will always be in time to make up for it with a nice dessert (such as baking cake without yeast) and some cuddles.


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