How to give volume to hair: 20 effective solutions

How to give volume to hair

Hair too smooth or flat? Here are twenty simple solutions easily achievable to get a hair at full volume!

Often long hair and fine hair, especially if smooth or slightly wavy, tend not to have volume, thus determining a very flat and anonymous look of hair. But there are simple methods, products and techniques to make the hair more voluminous and to counteract the force of gravity.

How to have voluminous and easy to manage hair? We offer you twenty effective and very simple solutions to be implemented, to give volume to the hair, in this way they will be ready for a perfect turn or to be left natural! It will be easier than you can imagine, just follow our advice with photos and tutorials to do at home in DIY mode.

With Diffuser

The diffuser, accessory supplied with most hairdryers on the market, or in some cases optional, is a very useful tool to give volume to the hair. Whether they are smooth or naturally wavy, just dry them, preferably upside down, using it with small rotary movements on the roots, until you get swollen and dry hair.

In this way, the warm air, combined with the volumizing power of the diffuser given by both the characteristic bell shape and the teeth it is equipped with, will create movement, making the hair soft and fluffy hair. For a better result it is possible to apply foam when the hair is still wet and then complete the crease with a little hairspray.

Give volume to the hair with the diffuser

With Thermal Curlers

The thermal curlers can be a great help to give volume to the hair, especially if particularly thin. Usually preheated using the appropriate container supplied, they should be applied to damp hair, on which we will have distributed a bit of fixing foam to maintain the solid fold.

Once removed after about half an hour depending on the model and the brand (the timing may vary), we will obtain soft waves and extremely voluminous and perfectly bent hair. In this page you can find the video tutorial and our review on Cloud Nine thermal curlers and photos of the voluminous hairstyle.

The alternative to thermal curlers are the classic bogodini that have no heating effect but the hair can be dried under a hair dryer helmet or with a hair dryer or simply in the open air. Our advice for a larger volume? Alternate the side where you wind the strands on the curlers (on a curler on the right, on the one on the left side and so on), the volume will be greater!

Voluminous hair with thermal curlers

Cottoning Hair

The cotonatura of the hair is a procedure all in all simple to realize and in a position to inflating the hair in natural way. How to do? You simply need to isolate the affected patch and hold it taut upward, combing it upside down with a thin-toothed comb. Then leave the lock and comb only the most external hair (without threading the teeth of the comb much and without touching the scalp).

It is preferable to carry out this operation on the hair not washed just before, taking care to then generously apply the lacquer to adequately fix the cotonatura. In this way we will get volumized hair where we want it, either at the roots or on the length.

Voluminous cotton hair

With Plate

Even the hair straightener proves to be a valid ally in giving volume to the hair. The plate, unlike what is commonly thought, not only serves to smooth and flatten the hair but can also be used to create swollen and slightly wavy hair. How to give volume to the hair with the plate? You need to make soft curls by sliding them along the lengths through a gentle rotary movement. Insert the hair piece starting from the root, rotate the plate and then pull downwards, sliding the hair.

If we want a specific volume less rigorous and easier, just undo the curls with your hands to get a rebel and wild fold but always very light and with a nice density.

Wavy and voluminous hair with the plate

Fold Hair With Hair Dryer and Brush

The fold made with brush and hair dryer is perhaps the easiest solution to give volume to the hair. As we proceed with drying, it is sufficient to wrap one lock at a time around a round brush, making rotary movements until completely dried. This method allows you to lift the hair and create a soft fold like the one that would make a hairdresser or hair stylist.

The hair will be more shiny, because through the rotatory and repetitive movement, we will close the hair scales. In addition they will become voluminous and light. It is the ideal solution for those with thin hair because it creates mass giving greater support over time.

Fold hair with brush and hairdryer

With Dry Shampoo

It usually happens to have flattened hair when we have dirty hair. The dry shampoo is an excellent solution if we have hair not too clean and do not have time to wash them, but we want to give volume to the hair and get an acceptable fold.

It consists of a powder that is sprayed on the head, buffered and removed after massaging it with a towel, possibly upside down. The powder absorbs sebum and impurities, making the hair swollen, light and with a good density, allowing us to easily postpone the washing the next day.

Voluminous hair with dry shampoo

With Curling Iron

The curling iron allows you to create voluminous curls or wavy hair that make the hair fuller. There are really many types but if you want to give a lot of volume to the hair better to choose those with a larger diameter that allow you to create larger curls. To avoid mistakes you should read our guide dedicated to the best curling irons.

To create fluffy hairstyles, just use a wide-toothed comb after making curls all over the head. Do not use a brush because the hair could become electric and swell a lot, wig effect!

Wavy and voluminous hair with curling iron

With Spray

Lacquer is a spray hair product that fixes the hair keeping it much lighter than other styling products. Used on dry and styled hair, it maintains the desired volume, without weighing it down and then removed with a brush stroke.

It is a great help if we have made a soft fold or a voluminous blur and we want to keep it as long as possible. You can get a good result even on short straight hair: the hairspray will give volume and will allow you to create a disheveled look counteracting the force of gravity. However, in order to keep the hair on its feet it is important that the hairspray is strong (strong hold or extra strong hold).

Hair volume with lacquer

Wiped the hair upside down

Giving volume to the hair is simple if we use a small trick: drying the hair upside down makes sure that the hot air delivered by the hair dryer, gives a natural voluminous fold to our hair. Once the drying has finished, our hair will be soft and voluminous. We can eventually give them the desired shape, using fixing products that do not weigh down but keep the volume obtained unaltered.

Dry your hair upside down to give volume

Careful not to ‘shoot’ a jet of excessive air on the forehead and scalp otherwise you will be ready to make the pompadur combing that reminds the ladies of the 1700, just Madame Pompadour! You can focus on this style only if you want to get a retro look, like the fashion one in the fifties with Elvis Presley tuft or the typical 80s blur!

Super voluminous 80s style hair

Using Volumizing Shampoo and Balms

On the market you can easily find volumizing shampoos and conditioners, which are characterized by polymers and special texturizing substances, and are particularly suitable for thin hair that tend to flatten or still difficult to maintain in the fold.

These products, help to not weigh down, are almost always very delicate and are excellent adjuvants in giving volume and body to the crown, keeping it extremely light and facilitating the creation of the fold. An example is L’Oreal’s Volumetry line which includes shampoo, conditioner and anti gravity spray. As an alternative Wella SP Volumize Shampoo and the relative range dedicated to hair volume.

Shampoo, conditioner, spray to give volume to the hair

Doing a High Tail The Day Before

An excellent solution for those who have long or medium hair and want to give volume to the hair very simply, and ‘represented by the high tail.

Making it the night before, keeping the hair tight and tied with a rubber band at the nape, will allow us the next morning to have voluminous hair, once melted, simply by moving a little with your hands and fixing them appropriately with a hairspray. As an alternative, for those with short hair, you can put a headband or a band before going to sleep.

High tail to give volume to the hair

Here is also an alternative solution to the high tail, ideal for those who want not only voluminous but also slightly wavy hair. All you need is a t-shirt and follow this tutorial!

Voluminous and wavy hair using a t-shirt

With Volumizing Products

There are professional volumizing products, such as sprays or leave-in sera to be applied to wet hair before proceeding with the brushing that allows to give volume while keeping the light hair even when dry.

These products are useful not only to give volume to the hair, but also to protect them from heat and aggression due to the use of plates, curling hair and hair dryer and to facilitate styling, increasing its durability. For advertising campaigns with super-voluminous models are combined creases and professional products, and the magic is done!

Some examples? Biopoint Volumizing Spray 100% without rinsing that provides body and volume at the roots or Tigi Superstar Be Head spray thickening and volumizing for raised, voluminous hair.

Extra hair volume

Using Volumizing Natural Ingredients

There are also natural ingredients that have a volumizing effect on the hair. An example is certainly the Aloe Vera that, especially on curly or wavy hair, applied before drying, allows you to give definition and volume, without weighing it down.

We can use organic gels in order to respect and protect the hair, also ensuring an important moisturizing and conditioning action.

Aloe vera volumizing effect on straight hair

With Hair Foam

The hair foam, as well as the lacquer, ensure volume and excellent hold of the fold, without weighing the hair but keeping it very naturally.

Unlike lacquer, it is preferable to use a nut of product on wet hair before drying so as to keep them soft and avoid an unsightly dry effect, definitely not very pleasant to see. The foam for hair is found in many brands and there are both those with strong holdings and the milder ones. Our advice? After putting the froth, crush the hair from the bottom up, dabbing them with a towel, you will see what a nice result!

Hair foam application tutorial to give volume

Using Hair Rivals

The hair extensions are soft structures equipped with hairpins that attach themselves to the root of the hair and allow you to create a sort of rounded and voluminous effect, replacing the cotton-wool. They are also available in a rigid, plastic version. There are also hair pillows and the hair dome.

All these hair accessories are suitable for making hairstyles, once positioned, they must be covered and camouflaged with a lock of hair in order to create natural but very impressive volumes. Particularly useful if we want to give originality for example to a high tail. Beautiful also for ceremonies and evening looks: free space for imagination!

Hair extensions and hair cushions ideal for giving volume on the head

With a New Haircut

The haircut is often the key to having a voluminous and light hair. Scaling and pulling out the hair helps a lot to give movement and to lift the strands. It will be your trusted hairstylist to suggest the best solution for your appearance. However, we prefer to make cuts like the slightly scaled long bob bob that softens the features, is portable and easy to manage. Remember that the longer the hair is longer and the more it weighs, then they tend to have less volume!

Voluminous hair with scaled cut

Doing Frize

If in the 80s depopulated, after a period of darkness, the frisè, made with special plates, is back in fashion. It allows you to perfectly simulate the typical volume of afro hair, with a trendy and original touch. Even here you risk getting the pompadur style if you make the frisè from the roots, but to mitigate the result you can use clasps or kanzashi or you can create a beautiful braid or a semi-collected hairdo.

Hair volume with frize

If you do not like the frisé all over your head, here’s a nice little trick! Just separate the hair lock on the top of the head and fix it with a clothespin. Then proceed making the frisé on the hair below but only in the upper part near the root. This will create a lot of volume on the garment. Then you can free the front lock and move the hair slightly. The game is done!

Frize tip to have voluminous hair

With Permanent

The permanent is the solution to have curly and voluminous hair over time, since the fold is resistant to washing. It is suitable for those who want to go from smooth to curly in a radical way, avoiding the worry of having to make volume to the hair.

The permanent, going to characterize well-defined curls, allows to maintain volume and definition without particular maintenance except that given by the usual haircare routine with specific products. If you prefer a less durable and lighter treatment, there is the hair support that allows you to have slightly curly and voluminous hair.

Voluminous curly hair with permanent

With The Shots of Sun

The sunstrokes make the hair look voluminous. Warming up your natural color with lighter shades helps to create plays of light and shadows that make the hairstyle full of movement and visually more voluminous. Moreover, as soon as the streaks are made, the hair slightly increases their density and becomes a little drier: this is why they tend to be more relieved and even more unruly.

In this case, the hairstylist comes into play and will advise us on the most suitable solution for our hair and our cut.

Hair with more volume thanks to sunstrokes

Creating Curly Root

You can give volume to fine and flat hair, creating curls at the root: in this case a curling iron with a very narrow diameter is used in such a way as to approach the root itself, without the risk of burns.

Thanks to the created curls, helping us with our hands, we will be able to give volume and movement to our haircut, always facilitating us with volumizing products designed for styling. The result will be swollen hair, raised curls, great bulk and density. Who has little hair or who has fine hair will greatly appreciate the effect!

Curly hair from the root, maxi volume

We hope that our tips and tricks on how to give volume to your hair are useful! What solution have been adopted to give volume to your hair? Tell us about your experiences and opinions!


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