How to give volume to fine hair, the remedies to use

How to give volume to fine hair

How to give volume to fine hair and how, instead, to decrease the volume on thick hair. Quick and practical tips and remedies for a perfect hairstyling!

The dilemma of many women who have fine hair is precisely this: “How to give volume to the hair?”. The same argument – conversely – applies to the other part of women, those who have, instead, a thick hair and constantly ask themselves: “How to decrease the volume of thick hair?”. In short, whether you have a thick, thin or fine hair, the remedies to use – in both cases – exist and are also very effective, you just need to know them and put them into practice. Here then, the tricks and the “secrets” revealed for a perfect final hairstyling that will satisfy all women!

Natural remedies to give volume to fine hair

There are natural remedies that allow those with fine, weak and tendentially fragile hair to strengthen and give a touch of volume. Like? Simply taking care of your hair day after day and adopting a lifestyle that is as serene and natural as possible. Specifically, for fine hair, some remedies can be used or, better to say, essential habits to give body to a flat and not very vigorous hair. Here are some valuable tips:

  • Use a scaled and marched haircut: this type of cut restores the hair to movement and volume. In addition, cutting hair, and this applies to every type of hair, strengthens the hair making it more full-bodied and healthy.
  • Dry your hair upside down: when shampooing, remember to always blow your hair upside down. This will help the hair to take the right “turn”, greater vigor and volume. And if you have a short cut, you will have even more volume!
  • Use a volumizing cream: in the pharmacy or at your hairdresser, you can request a volumizing cream. A weekly use of a cream of this type will visibly make your hair healthier, stronger and definitely thicker. Try to pack once a week, following the instructions of your trusted hairdresser. Usually the shutter speeds vary from 10 minutes to 30 maximum, after which proceed with the abundant rinse.
  • Use vitamin-based hair products: when you proceed with drying your hair but also in daily care, always choose products that contain vitamins, amino acids and proteins. Only in this way will your hair have a less flat “life”. Choose natural shampoos and conditioners without silicones- It is extremely important that the products for fine and thin hair that you use contain vitalizing active ingredients, proteins and substances that wrap the stem protecting it and, at the same time, that increase the mass and thickness of the fine and thin hair.

Thick hair | How to do when the volume is too much?

If you have this type of hair, it is better not to opt for too short or drastic solutions. The reason is easy to say: as soon as they start to grow again the lengths could swell making you look like a sort of atomic mushroom. The ideal is a cut that touches (at least) the shoulders. It is also better to avoid everything that is “equal” and to prefer scaling – perhaps around the face – because they take away a little volume, also lightening the styling issue.

Also for thick hair, use natural Shampoo, Conditioner (if you don’t have a greasy tendency) and natural Tonic, possibly without silicone. The hair usually tends to be hard, in this case straightening products are useful for decreasing the volume effect.

While as regards the types of ideal cuts for those with thick hair, in this case, it would be a good rule to adopt one of the following:

PIXIE CUT: short cut that has, in its “classic” version, the shortest part on the nape and on the side while at the top it is characterized by longer tufts. Perfect if you have thick hair because alone, I add body to the styling.

WAVY PIXIE: it is the ‘lively’ version of the classic cut. In fact, it is made with the same technique, that is, keeping the top and front longer. It is perfect if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, better if thick. If the lengths have bodies, in fact they create sweeter movements especially on the top.

ASYMMETRICAL CUT: in fact it is a pixie cut, but with a front part left very long in order to create a tuft that touches the jaw. Ideal if the hair is thick and straight. In all other cases it would require a very high maintenance which, perhaps, would lose all the advantages of the short cut.

LOB: it is the long version of the helmet. It is in fact a crisis between long and bob. The lengths must touch the shoulders. Always perfect for any type of hair. This is in fact the “magic” cut capable of giving to any type.


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