How to get gray hair?

How to get gray hair

Wearing gray hair, natural or dyed, has become very trendy. Here’s how to do them, who they are good at and how to choose the right shade and hairstyle.

When the first gray hairs appear, they always tend to hide them under more or less permanent colors and shades. For some years, however, even the heads of the very young have suddenly become similar to those of their grandmothers. Wearing gray hair is one of the trendiest fashions in terms of hair but before deciding to switch to this particular color, let’s see how to choose the right shade also based on the shape of the face and the haircut.

How to make gray hair

Granny hair is very fashionable but, if you don’t already have gray hair, it’s not very easy to make. If the starting point is very clear, it will not be difficult to color it with a silver tint in the preferred shade. The situation is different for chestnuts, redheads or raven hair, who need a much longer process before reaching the result.

The gray color, in fact, is obtained after a very strong discoloration, which completely eliminates the natural pigment of the hair and leaves it white. On the bleached hair, the chosen shade of gray is applied, among the many available. In these cases, although there are so many products on the market, DIY is highly discouraged: being a very particular color, like the balayage, you risk finding yourself with an indefinite color head.

Better to rely on coloring professionals, who know procedures and installation times for each type of hair. The hairdresser will also decide whether to proceed immediately with a shade of gray or to lighten the hair gradually in different sessions until reaching the chosen shade.
Who does not feel like daring with a radical change may decide not to color all the foliage and make a gray shatush on natural hair.

Gray hair: who they are good at and how to wear them

Although it is a somewhat unusual color, especially on the heads of very young women, silver hair is good for everyone. Of course, every woman must choose the shade that best suits her complexion and her haircut, as well as her personality. Gray hair gives character to any woman but there are some indications to follow. Those who have a very fair complexion must opt ​​for a cold shade: silver, ice, platinum or maybe light up the gray with lilac or light blue reflections.

Women with dark skins, on the other hand, can focus on dark colors like anthracite gray. If you decide to keep your hair salt and pepper in the natural state or to dye it with gray, you must always be in order, with a cut and fold that is always well done. Otherwise, you are likely to seem just neglected and not fashionable. The cut most suited to gray is certainly the short one, but even a well-groomed bob or cat bob can enhance this color equally.

Those who are loyal to long hair can bet on a long bob, on a high chignon or a clean and tidy ponytail. Make-up must also adapt to gray hair, so you should never use pastel colors but focus on contrasts: bright lipstick and very intense and brilliant makeup. Are you about to get married? You can think of surprising everyone with an unusual wedding hairstyle.

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