DIY hair: how to fix cut and color at home

how to fix cut

At this moment you cannot resort to the hairdresser, but you can fix your hair at home: here’s what you need and how to do it! Follow our advice

In this truly unique historical period, going to the hairdresser is not a habit that we could resume shortly. The secret to feeling good about yourself, however, despite the new home dimension and the decrease in social activities, is precisely not to stop taking care of your appearance. Especially for the female universe, pampering yourself and taking care of your hair can really prove to be an effective diversion and – why not – a way to feel less isolated.

If you are thinking of a DIY hair solution, do not improvise with scissors in your hand and any color: read our tips for having perfect hairstyles and DIY hair in every aspect.

Annoying regrowth? Choose a DIY tint

Have you always entrusted yourself to the expert hands of your hairdresser but, at this moment, you really can’t take any more to see that hateful regrowth? No problem: on the market – both in supermarkets and in specialized shops – there is a wide range of do-it-yourself hair dyes that can be made at home, which must be chosen according to specific criteria.

  • Dyed or natural hair: Choose the color based on this information: is your hair already dyed, or do you start from your base color?
  • Darkening is easier than lightening: For the do-it-yourself tint, especially if you have never tried it before, you prefer a color that recalls your natural color or that slightly darkens it. Lightening is more difficult, and may not give the desired results.
  • Permanent or temporary tint: When you find yourself having to choose, know that a temporary tint discolor after a few shampoos, while a permanent one is persistent and completely covers even white hair. On the market you can find permanent shades even without ammonia.
  • The DIY tint kit: If it is not already included in the purchased package, for an effective DIY tint you will need gloves, a brush for application, a small bowl where to pour the color solution and solution, a towel and a protective cream to be applied on the forehead to the hairline. Then proceed with your usual hair-care.

At this point, start applying the tint (preferably on hair as soon as it has been washed and not very clean) taking care to do a small test on the scalp to check that you are not allergic. At this point, divide the hair into strands and start from the nape, and then slowly get to the ends. Massage a lot with your hands so that the dye penetrates well over the entire crown.

And for the bangs?

For a fabulous DIY bangs as soon as you leave the hairdresser, here are some small but simple rules to adopt. Whether it’s a classic bangs or a side-cut bangs, cutting it yourself is possible. First of all make sure you have suitable and well sharpened scissors, and proceed with the choice of the cut.

Classic bangs

Hair must be wet / damp. Proceed by making a row in the center, take a triangle of hair starting a few fingers back from the hairline, and bring them forward. At this point, taking the bridge of the nose as a reference, start cutting. Warning: when dry it will be shorter, so don’t worry about cutting “a little”.


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