How to Dye Hair at Home: Tips and Rules to Follow


How to Dye Hair at Home: from discoloration to dyeing, everything you need to know to avoid mistakes.

Dyeing your hair at home is definitely a great way to have your hair always tidy, especially when we talk about regrowth, but care and attention must be paid when applying products.

Coloring your hair at home for those with black hair, red or anyway with full colors, is very easy and comfortable; for those with blond hair or streaks a bit ‘more complicated but now there are so many safe ways to bleach hair, do sunburn and much more.

Here are some tips and small rules to follow for a hair stylist-proof result.

Dye your hair at home: all the secrets for a perfect result

How to color your hair at home

The colors for do-it-yourself use are more and more professional, thanks to new products and application methods designed to achieve excellent results. I find it a very convenient solution especially for those who have full colors and want to regain the re-growth but also to renew the look with some nuances.

The first thing to do is to choose the professional color to use at home and the color we want. You can choose a color according to the latest fashion trends and in this regard I advise you not to lose this special:

Hair color 2019: all the hair styling trends

How to choose the professional color at home

Now on the shelves of perfumeries and supermarkets there are many professional products suitable for all needs, for permanent coloring or lasting a few weeks.

To choose the right product you should keep in mind only your goal, what result you want to achieve: a total change look, cover the regrowth, some clearer tone …. Then once you have chosen the product, when you are at home, here are some tips to follow.

Advice for not making mistakes:

  • A small test is always good, especially if it is the first time: just pass a little product on the hand to see if there are allergic reactions.
  • Read and follow the product instructions carefully.
  • If you want to cover only the regrowth, apply the color only on that area without overloading the existing color.
  • If the hair is damaged due to other treatments, it is better not to make the situation worse.

Bleaching your hair at home for a shiny blond

How to bleach your hair at home

I remember with great tenderness when as a teenager I wanted the hair a bit ‘more blond and used the pure hydrogen peroxide! What a disaster… but you always learn from mistakes.

The hair discoloration serves either to get a shiny platinum blond or to make the hair very dark in blond. With a medium blond or light brown, it is possible to discolor blond hair by clearing it up to platinum blond.

If, like me, you dream of platinum blonde hair or lightening evenly, you can resort to a simple do-it-yourself discoloration, which can also lighten very dark hair.

Even in this case it is important to choose the right product and if during the treatment you will see your hair change color from red to yellow, do not worry you will get to the platinum blond, just respect the laying times, a very important factor for all treatments of coloring and discoloration.

How to apply color

How to dye your hair at home
How to dye your hair at home

Both in the case of dyes and bleaching products, the product should be applied to the base of the dry hair as evenly as possible and rinsed carefully after 20 to 30 minutes (read and strictly observe the times indicated in the product instructions).

It is essential to devote some pampering to the hair immediately after treatment, using the conditioner provided with the color after rinsing and to be kept in place for at least five minutes.

Finally, be confident, because the result will be perfect.

How to remove dye stains

How to remove dye stains
How to remove dye stains

It often happens that dye stains can remain behind the ears or on the forehead, it happens to all, quiet. If the hair dye is light colored it is the easiest to send away. Just rub with a makeup pad soaked in some lemon.

If the stain is dark, you must use bicarbonate.

So all clear? And for any disaster – which certainly will not happen – stay calm because there is always a hairdresser waiting for you!


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