How to dye Chocolate Lilac hair?

How to dye Chocolate Lilac hair?

When we talk about Chocolate Lilac we are not talking about balayange, but a chocolate color with purple reflections. Find out what it is

It is on everyone’s lips and in all the Instagram profiles of the most popular celebrities: we are talking about the Chocolate Lilac, the latest trend in chocolate-colored hair for this fall-winter 2019 season.

But what is it? It is neither a color nor a balayage, but a great compromise for those who want to renew their brown look and dare with a touch of purple, without turning into a gothic girl.

Chocolate Lilac is a chocolate tint enriched with purple reflections, distributed in a completely natural way. Chocolate, as we know, is the color of autumn hair: it is bright and warm, full and romantic, its nuances recall a wood in autumn or a cup of steaming chocolate. In general, it is enriched with light brown, or more often auburn, red and mahogany reflections. But the combination with purple manages to give an extremely original touch, which certainly cannot go unnoticed. The advantage is to maintain a natural and not at all aggressive effect, unlike what often happens with the classic purple shades.

What is the technique of this chocolate and purple tint?

The technique used to obtain this warm and natural shade is that of violet-colored balayage, which is however executed on a chocolate-colored tint. Balayage is a method to lighten hair with light and delicate, almost natural reflections, which leave the hair with the same shine of a summer spent between sun and sea. In general, for a classic – summer balayage – a shade of some lighter shades is used compared to the natural color, and the locks to be lightened are chosen artfully to create a clever play of diffused light over the entire crown. The coloring is done by hand by the hairdresser, and only then is a second color applied.

To obtain the Chocolate Lilac effect, a purple shade is used for balayage, and then the color for chocolate or brown hair for the second color; the technique remains the same, but the use of warm colors like violet and chocolate make this hair color suitable for winter.

Who’s all right?

The Chocolate Lilac is good for everyone, whether you have a long cut or a short one, in fact, it can be a way to further enhance the bowl cut, the “bowl cut” short cut shown in vogue this fall from Charlize Theron.

The Chocolate Lilac is a chocolate-colored hair dye that has the advantage, in addition to being original and perfect for autumn, to give shine and volume to the hair: if you have thin hair and little bulky, it is more effective than a support or of a permanent.

Curly or wavy hair is the one that is most valued by this technique, since purple shades peek out from the curls in a romantic and unpredictable way. Likewise, even short scaled cuts are perfect for the Chocolate Lilac, helping to accentuate the volume and irregularity of the cut. The only care is to make the cut first and then apply the color, so as to be able to identify the “strategic” locks to color.


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