How to dry curly hair at home without inflating them

how to dry curly hair at home

Curly hair is not always easy to manage, because it can swell during drying, so it is important to pay attention from the washing phase.

Curly hair is not always easy to manage, especially during drying, because there is a risk that it can swell if specific products are not used. There is not a single type of curly hair, so you need to dedicate the right time and specific products for everyone. Not all women know how to dry curly hair, defining the hair without making it swell.

Curly hair, compared to straight hair, needs special attention, starting from washing to drying. There are several products on the market to define styling, but if they are used incorrectly, they can give an unsatisfactory result.

This hair is not always easy to manage, it can become frizzy and undefined, showing off a lioness hair. The perfect curly hair can be had only if you follow our advice, so as to have a well-defined but also nourished hair.

Let’s find out how to do it by reading this article carefully.

Defined curly hair: start with the shampoo

Having a curly hair well defined and not swollen and especially in order, it is not difficult, so women do not get discouraged, even if you can not go to your hair stylist, you can do it at home alone. Before thinking about the suitable technique for drying hair, you must focus on a shampoo made well and with specific products.

It must not be aggressive, also after doing it, a specific conditioner and products must always be used to define the styling, then move on to drying.

Here’s how to proceed with washing:

  • choose a natural shampoo without aggressive substances
  • must be a shampoo suitable for the type of hair: dry, oily, mixed, brittle or with dandruff.

Wet your hair with lukewarm water, then apply the appropriate shampoo, all over the scalp, and massage gently with your fingertips. In this case, you can mix the shampoo with coconut oil, so as to soften them more.

The advice is not to devote too much to the tips, because you would risk ruining and electrifying them, then rinse your hair well with warm water.

Apply the conditioner suitable for your hair, insisting above all on the lengths, if the hair is long, if it is short it doesn’t make sense. A detangling conditioner is recommended if you have dry hair, use milk, then leave for 5 minutes. Never forget to apply the conditioner because it has a very important role, as it softens and relaxes the hair.

Then untangle the knots with your fingers, gently, dividing the hair into several sections, then comb them, using a comb, with wide teeth. Start from the tips and proceed downwards, if you notice that you are having difficulty, you can apply another bit of balm or some coconut oil.

Now rinse your hair with plenty of water and do only the last rinse with cold water so as to close the scales keeping them hydrated. Remember that even a few balm residues can weigh down your curls making drying more difficult.

Wrap your hair in a cotton or microfiber towel, without wringing it out because you can break the hair fiber. If you want softer and more elastic hair, see the article dedicated to the plopping method (click here to see it).

Define the hair and then dry it

After washing and applying the conditioner, it goes to drying, but it is important to define damp hair with a high definition mousse. Just apply a nut on the lengths and ends, rubbing the hair, in this way you avoid the frizz effect, giving the right volume and preventing the hair from swelling during drying.

The mousse can be used in different ways, let’s examine specifically:

  • curls and wavy natural effect: it is recommended to apply the foam only on the roots in order to give support and volume;
  • defined curl: the mousse must be applied along the entire length, including the tips;
  • straight that you want to make them curly: after applying the mousse, comb your hair with wide-toothed combs. If the hair is long and thick, you can create the so-called “beach” effect by applying the foam on the entire hair, then do two side braids and dry them. Then untie them and move the hair upside down.

In both cases, the mousse should always be applied to damp hair and dried a little with a towel, if you need to put a little and distribute it quickly with your hands. The mousse, however, ensures a light hold that does not weigh down the hair, but you can use a lacquer or a gel to further define it.

Switch now to drying, it is useless to reiterate that curly hair is preferable to dry it in the sun, but this is not possible during the cold seasons. Let’s examine the two cases, how to dry them in winter and summer.

1- Dry in winter: just have a hairdryer and diffuser, the latter just prevents hair from swelling. Set to medium speed and high temperature, you have to define the line, then dry your hair a little with your head up and then lower it. The tips should not be touched during drying because they tend to dry out and become damaged. When drying your hair, you need to focus on the length and root, as soon as you have completed, raise your head and arrange the line again. Dry the hair, gathering the tufts in the palm of your hand, if you want to use one then dry, when you are finished, free your hair, shaking your head.

2 – Dry in the summer: they can very well be dried in the sun, so they will not swell and frizz will be avoided. Hair must be dried in an environment where there is little humidity, otherwise you will have swollen and undefined hair. Avoid if there is wind and also
you have to be patient because the time required ranges from 20 to 40 minutes, it depends on the length of the hair.

Mistakes to avoid and tips to follow

There are mistakes that are made during the application of the mousse and the fixative, let’s find out which ones.

  • Put too much mousse or foam to define the hair: because it is thought to maintain a longer duration, but this is not true.
  • Do not comb after applying the mousse: it is necessary to do so, to evenly distribute the product.
  • Apply the mousse to dry hair: if you want to do it to better define the hair, you don’t have to comb, so as to avoid a frizzy and opaque effect.
  • Use products that contain alcohol: in particular sprays or mousses contain more, and can swell the cuticles. Then they go to dehydrate the hair, which will tend to break and swell. Maybe opt for creams and serums.
  • Never make masks and compresses to hydrate your hair.

We recommend instead of:

  • spray a polishing spray and distribute it with the comb, so as to have a perfect styling;
  • collect hair when there is more humidity;
  • use the curling iron: it does not refer to prolonged and constant use, but every now and then, you can, just wrap the fluttering hair around a curling iron. Doing so will keep them at bay and make them less frizzy.


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