How to cut hair at home alone: 10 easy tutorials

How to cut hair at home alone: 10 easy tutorials

Here are the best tutorials with photos and videos that show us step by step how to make short, medium or long cuts at home quickly and easily!

How to cut hair at home? We will help you! We have collected the best tutorials, the simplest and clearest, which are used to learn how to cut hair alone or with the help of some family member, mother, sister, boyfriend or husband. In this period of quarantine due to the spread of the coronavirus one has to get by somehow! We also show you more advanced tutorials for those who can be helped by a person who is an expert in hair look and wants to experiment with a short cut.

What is needed? Before you start you need to have a sprayer with water, useful for moistening the hair. It is essential to have a professional pair of scissors. Elastic bands are also useful for medium and long haircuts. Here are the easy tutorials with images, videos, tips and explanations to get out the hair, cut the bangs or the lengths in DIY mode.

How To Cut Carre Hair

Bob haircuts remain a much loved evergreen, perfect for both a girl and a lady. This tutorial explains very well how to proceed, using sharp cutting scissors, with the indication of the precise angle to follow to obtain a natural and impeccable effect. Below you will also find the video tutorial.

How To Make A Short Cut Back And Long In Front

Lovers of shorter asymmetric cuts behind? Here’s how to go from a long bob cut to a long bob in the front but much shorter behind with the help of an electric razor or a hair clipper. And if you love very short cuts, the tutorial shows us how you can transform the cut into a cheeky pixie cut with a long forelock in front.

How to cut your hair by yourself

If we have straight and straight hair and we are looking for ideas for medium length layered haircuts, the steps to follow are not very different. The hair stylist ElleBangs teaches us that it is not necessary to wet the hair: starting from dry hair, but washed previously with shampoo and conditioner, it will be easier to see if the cut is going well, which with wet hair is much more difficult to to understand.

How to Cut Pixie Hair

One of the most beautiful and most loved short hair cuts by the stars, the very short pixie cut is perfect for enhancing the features of the face and for keeping frizzy hair in order, but to make it better it is better to get help from someone expert. If you have a similar cut and want to shorten it at home, just limit yourself to a snack! The tutorial of the hair stylist Sanja Carica Karasman shows us how to proceed step by step, choosing the right angle to comb wet hair and then cut it.

How to Cut Your Hair Yourself: 3 Methods

Are you alone in the house and there is no one who can help you? Here are the steps to make a scaled, pointed or parted long hair cut using some elastic and a sharp scissors. In these cases we remind you to cut a few mm less than what we want and to remove the cut at the end by placing the scissors vertically as a professional hairdresser would do!

How to Cut Short Hair With Tuft

We must precisely divide the hair into sections and cut with scissors positioned at the right angle as shown in the video and images. We can obtain a short cut with a long forelock with a fake messy effect, which can also be transformed into an 80s crest!

How to Cut Equal Long Bob Hair

Do we want to make a beautiful medium cut? The bob cut is always the most popular solution at any age, perfect for enhancing wavy and curly hair. So here’s how to get an almost professional hair cut with the help of a wide-toothed comb, a scissors and some goose beak. Ideal for women, girls and girls. Take a look also at the most beautiful hairstyles for medium and short hair that you can make starting from this cut!

How to cut long hair

To cut long hair at home we will need a second pair of hands, especially in the back. In this case, it is fundamental to create vertical sections of hair from which to start and position the scissors at the right angle, as the photo tutorial suggests. What is the secret of cutting? Every time you move to a new section, you have to pick up half of the previous one to have the sign of the length to cut. The final effect will be natural and without the unpleasant too sharp cut effect on the lengths.

How to cut curly hair

To make a curly hair cut you need to have damp hair so that the curls are less defined. RaflnHair suggests that we divide the hair on the upper part of the head by twisting the upper strands into small twists, and then proceed to work on the lower strands. Also in this case note that the scissors are kept vertical or tending to 45 °, never completely horizontal.

How To Cut Hair At Home, Medium Long

Lovers of even-cut hair on medium-long hair? Here is a very easy method to try, in which starting from a simple low tail we can get the desired result in a few minutes, try it to believe it!

How To Cut Bangs And Scaled Tuft By Itself

How to cut the bangs yourself? The method shown in the tutorial is very simple and intuitive. In general, when we select the triangle of hair on the forehead to be cut, we never go beyond the middle of the eyebrow and cut small V vertically, remaining a few mm lower than the desired length. It is preferable to start with dry hair to avoid finding yourself with a much shorter bangs than we dreamed of!

What do you think of these step by step tutorials on how to cut your hair at home? What is it that you will experience? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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