How to comb short and curly hair?

How to comb short and curly hair?

Short hair today has become widespread. Even among the most feminine among you. The short cuts allow you to leave your face free and then play the seduction card revealing nape and bust. But you have to know how to comb them. Especially when they are curly! Here are our tips.

 To have perfectly combed short and curly hair you must first have beautiful curls. «To give a good elasticity to your curls apply a nut of mousse for styling on wet hair to wrap the curl in a sheath and give it structure». In fact, it is not said that the curly hair has perfectly sculpted curls! Therefore we must not hesitate to give them a little help.

Another constraint of wavy or curly hair is that they are often dried. Result: they are rough and often frizzy. “No mystery: to have curly and beautiful hair you have to moisturize them in depth. He regularly uses keratin-based treatments to repair the fiber for a long time but also to restore shine to the hair ».

Now that the curls are structured and the hair hydrated, let’s move on to the hairstyle. Do not attempt to discipline short and curly hair. Instead, leave them free while working on them. «Apply the styling mousse or a curly-definition product to damp hair». For a very natural result it lets hair dry naturally. Otherwise, use a hairdryer with a diffuser and then, with the head down, drop the curls inside and form naturally. Then arrange the hair with your fingers.

Our advice: so that your hair gets bent naturally and easily, you need a suitable cut. For curly hair, the ideal is to opt for a cut scaled but not too much, so that the volume is evenly distributed.


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