How to choose the right hairbrush

Right Hairbrush

Electric, rotating, flat, smoothing: the world of hair brushes is dotted with patterns, but how to choose the right one? Find out in this article!

Choosing a hairbrush is a far from simple task. In fact, there are many types of brushes on the market, from the rotating one to the flat, through the electric one for the curly hair and the curling brush. This is an accessory that we use every day, but that often we buy without thinking, eventually choosing a model that is not suitable for our hair and is likely to ruin and weaken it. Each brush has a different effect on the hair and using the wrong one can be very counterproductive, not just every day, but also when we want to make a particular hairstyle.

Hairbrush: the best models and which ones to choose

Knowing all types of brushes (and combs) for hair is essential to take care of your beauty. Here are the models and how to choose them.

  • Wide-toothed comb – Ideal for combing wet hair, the wide-toothed comb can be used during shampooing to better distribute the mask. It is also indicated to keep the curly or wavy hair in order, because it does not “break” the waves, leaving the curls defined and avoiding frizz.
  • Tight-toothed comb – Used by hairdressers to divide the hair into two and to make the line, this comb is ideal for those who want to make a hairstyle. Choose it even if you want to cotton your hair, which will be perfect thanks to the thick teeth.
  • Large and rectangular brush – This accessory is usually made of plastic or ceramic and is suitable for those with straight hair. During drying it takes care of the hair fiber, ensuring a fast, perfect and silky fold.
  • Cylindrical brush – The cylindrical brush is an accessory used above all by hairdressers, to create creases in a workmanlike manner. Obviously it is quite complicated to use, but with a little ‘manual skills and commitment you will learn quickly. It guarantees volume during drying and can be used both to give a smooth and curly crown with a natural effect.
  • Comb with tails – This type of comb is suitable for those who want to create complex hairstyles, but also for those who want to create a zig zag line or another original motif.
  • Comb with flexible bristles – To apply treatments in cream or dye, this special comb with semi-soft bristles is used, which take care of the hair without creating any kind of stress.
  • Corrugated comb – For those looking for volume and fast drying, the corrugated comb is ideal. It gives a rough and natural effect, but above all it’s easy to use. The only precaution? To not break your hair, never use it to loosen the knots.
  • Tangle teezers brush – The latest generation brushes are called tangle teezers and are sold in various colors. They have an original shape, with thick and soft bristles, distributed to quickly untangle the knots without damaging the crown. It is recommended for those who have extensions, because it reduces the risk of tearing or breaking them to a minimum.


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