Long face: how to choose the most suitable hairstyle

how to choose the most suitable hairstyle

Choosing the right hairstyle is very important for those with long faces. Find out in this article how to find your way and which to focus on

Every now and then comes the desire to change looks. For every season, fashion and trends offer us hairstyles, cuts, particular colors, but will it be suitable for you?

To each face, with its particular features and features, some cuts are better than others. Let’s see together which are the best for a face with an elongated shape, and which cuts enhance the different features of the face.

How to choose the ideal hairstyle for the long face

The long face first of all, like any other, needs a haircut that harmonizes its shapes and proportions. We see 5 cuts that enhance the elongated face with small tricks and stratagems.

Increase the volume with curls and ringlets

A long face can be accompanied by a high forehead, a pronounced chin, in any case it develops in length, then vertically. The idea therefore to make these shapes more harmonious is to play on the volume, especially horizontally: that the hair is long or short, it does not matter, a long face looks great with framed by a mass of curls (also obtainable with a light permanent), or a thick wavy hair, or even a wavy and disheveled helmet.

A cut in motion

Among the cuts to be avoided for a long face, however, those that accentuate the vertical shape, therefore a ban on ridges, “bananas”, very long ponytails, dizzying buns, as well as very straight hair, with a static and “sculpted” appearance . The important thing for a long face is a moving hairstyle.

An asymmetrical cut to soften marked features

For a long face with a pronounced nose, in particular, it is better to avoid a vertical haircut, such as very smooth helmets or long hair without volume, “spaghetti”. Better to opt for a threaded or “filleted” cut, a little asymmetrical, even a shag bob with a few rebellious locks and a few tufts that give as much as possible, once again, an idea of ​​movement.

A “light” cut with light and delicate colors

Even the color, in addition to the hair cut, can contribute to accentuate the sense of lightness and panache that we want to give to a long face: better to choose a light color to soften and harmonize, once again, while if your color is black or brown, you can play with streaks or reflections to make your hair dynamic.

Full bangs

Finally, if you have a long face, you can give your hair a beautiful bangs. It is one of the ideal elements to soften slightly marked features and round a face with an elongated shape, in all respects “shortening” it visually and making it more uniform.

Better still if irregular and asymmetrical, the bangs fills a slightly high forehead and gently frames the face so you can indulge yourself and choose it as you like, and wear it with ease to enhance your personality.


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