Milk Tea: how to change hair color?

Milk Tea: how to change hair color?

Have you already heard about Milk Tea Color? It’s the newest hair color trend directly from Asian girls. Find out more below

When a woman decides that the time has come to revolutionize her life, she will definitely start with her hair! And why not make a change from your own color? Comes directly from Asia a new elegant color trend that will soon be loved by blondes and chestnuts: Milk Tea! Find out in this article what it is and how it is done.

Tea Milk: between versatility and personalization

Have you ever tried to pour a few drops of milk in the English Breakfast so loved by the English? Do it and you can admire a hypnotic vortex of colors that will go from the clear beige to the intense brown of the tea.
It is on this basis that the conception of Milk Tea color is based: a fusion hair color, original and extremely versatile that will immediately make you fall in love.
It is not blond, it is not brown, it is not caramel: the Milk Tea color is the exact blend of the three nuances. A very delicate beige that can vary – depending on the starting color and specific customer requirements – from dark blond to light brown.
But all this is, except for a flat and obvious color: Milk Tea can be enriched according to preference with bold coppery reflections or with sophisticated ash reflections.

Milk Tea Color: How to make it happen?

To get your own version of Milk Tea, first of all you will need a consultation with a professional hairdresser: together – with his help and his experience, combined with your personal taste – you will be able to create a completely customized color mix and suited to your needs and preferences.
Whether you choose for your hair color a warmer shade tending to honey blonde, than a slightly colder shade of light ash brown, the steps to follow will be the same.
First – unless you are a natural blond – you will need to apply a light and gentle bleaching. This is the only way to proceed with the laying of the color.
The second step will be the actual coloring. The hairdresser will use two different shades: a darker and warmer one for the roots and a lighter one for the lengths and ends. The tips will also be further cooled to give the hair a sense of movement.
Everything will be finished with a toning pose to give uniformity and shine to the foliage.

Summer trend 2019

Like its iconic predecessors Peach Pink and Burgundy Wine – trendy colors that have driven the web crazy in previous years – even in the case of Milk Tea color, we are faced with a shade inspired by the world of food and beverage.
But what distinguishes it as an absolutely innovative color is its unquestionable naturalness: it does not aim to create an eccentric twist, but aims to gently overlap with its natural color, creating a unique and very personal nuance.
Precisely for this reason the Milk Tea color is overcoming the competition: it is already a national trend in Asia, and in Singapore the hashtag #milkteahair was elected the most popular on all the social networks of this summer 2019.
It is no coincidence that all the oriental fashionistas adore him, and we are ready to bet that this hair color will soon be visible even on the hair of the most famous European and American It Girls.

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