Hair Oil: How to Apply It and Its Benefits


The importance of hair oil. Let’s find out how to use it and how to choose it.

We all love healthy, shiny hair and hair oil is a beauty product that can help us achieve this.
And yet there are those who madly love hair oil, those who do not want to use it, because they are afraid of greasing and weighing down their hair too much.
I confess that I too had this fear, then over the years I have learned to use it correctly and have discovered extraordinary benefits, up to not being able to do without them anymore.

Why use hair oil

How many products we use for hair, but oil is really essential both in summer and winter, and especially after styling at home, for a perfect finish.

The oil is used to nourish and soften dry and damaged hair, untangles curly hair, regenerates oily hair, polishes the tips, tames frizzy hair. In short, a true multi-functional product, the important thing is to choose the right one that suits your hair.

On dry hair

Those who have dry and brittle hair, which break easily, will find many benefits from the use of oil, to regain nutrition, softness and fluidity.

Extraordinary Oil of Elvive

Among the latest innovations of 2019, the Extraordinary Elvive Oil by L’Oréal Paris, which contains a range infused with 6 precious flower oils and designed for Dry and Very Dry Hair. A super nourishing product for the hair, to which is added the line of Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask for a complete nutrition.

The Extraordinary Oil is for a thousand uses and there is an oil suitable for every type of hair: normal, colored and dry.

On frizzy hair

Frizzy hair above all needs this product.
To nourish and untangle in depth, oil can be used as a pre-shampoo pack and left to work. With the application of shampoo and conditioner, excess oil will go away quickly.
Or on very dry or frizzy hair it can be used as a conditioner without rinsing, to combat split ends, moisturize and make the hair stronger, lighter and softer.

On curly hair

Curly hair can sometimes be a real problem because it is “indomitable”. In this case the oil should be applied lock by lock, after shampooing and on damp hair.
The effect will be shinier hair and a smoother curl and less “wild”.

For the sea

The use of oil is ideal especially at this time by the sea or by the pool.
After bathing in the sea the hair is always a little unruly. The oil untangles them easily, protects the hair from the sun and salt, acts as a barrier and manages to protect the scalp.
In the pool instead, to protect the hair from damage caused by chlorine, you can rub a little oil on the tips and then put the cap on.

How to apply oil

Once the benefits are discovered, we come to the most important topic related to this product: how to apply it!
I confess that for a long time I was wrong at first, applying too much oil on dry hair and this is probably the most common mistake we make.

The oil must first be applied only on the tips so as not to make the hair too heavy; just a few drops and apply to wet or damp hair.
On dry hair only in case of very dry or frizzy tips.

Here are some directions for the application:

  1. To deeply nourish dry or dry hair, apply the oil as a pre-shampoo or balm-free compress.
  2. To regenerate oily hair, first choose a dry oil; steam it on the damp hair and then move to styling.
  3. To polish off dull hair, just distribute a small amount of product on the tips as a finish after styling.
    A small important note: if you use the plate, apply the oil after the plate, to prevent the hair from “frying”!
  4. To tame the frizz due to humidity, little oil is sprayed all over the hair just before leaving the house.
  5. To tame the curls, apply the oil by hair, after shampooing and on wet hair.
  6. At the sea and in the pool a fair amount of product is distributed on the hair and then combed.

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