Henna on blonde hair: tips, advantages and cons

Henna on blonde hair: tips, advantages and cons

What are the benefits of henna on blonde hair? In this article you will see the results of Henna on blonde hair, neutral and colored

If you are tired of the usual look and with the desire to give new shine to your hair, a touch of color and choose a particular nuance, it could be the solution you are looking for. Henna is ideal for enhancing your complexion and giving life to reflections of light with a natural tint that best nourishes your hair. Don’t worry, henna will be right for you even if you have blonde hair, the important thing is to inquire about its use and take small precautions. Here are some tips for you.

Henna on blonde hair: info and advice

If you want to avoid the products contained in chemical dyes, you can resort to henna, used since ancient times to color your hair. A natural blend rich in substances that give nourishment, give body and polish the hair. In the case of blond hair, a little dull or dull, here henna can help you to enhance its golden and light reflections, enhancing them with warm shades like those of spices. You can choose an ash blonde henna shade on your hair to brighten it.

Get inspired by Cara Delevingne’s look with her natural sand blonde hair, or by Kristen Stewart. If you prefer less “cool” tones, the 2019 color is dark blonde like Margot Robbie. To try the range of warm and enveloping shades of the so-called Wheat Blonde, consider henna right on dark blonde hair.

The black henna on blonde hair must, however, be used with care. It should not be tied to dyeing herbs or powder pigments, such as Indigo because it will produce tones close to blue.

Dark henna on blonde hair

If, on the other hand, you have a copper-red hue in mind, try Egyptian henna, the most suitable for all hair colors, also perfect for dark-blonde hair, following a natural pigmentation. Be careful, however, with red henna on light blond hair, especially its hold, because the pure powder of Lawsonia accentuates the reflections of red hair and if you do not follow correctly the right amount to use and the laying times, you risk finding yourself on the head a red carrot pel!

Remember that the result of henna color varies from hair to hair, so always think about it before proceeding. If you are tired of the slightly platinum effect of your hair, you can choose brown henna on your light blonde hair.

Usually it is enough to wait 24 hours for the pigments to bind effectively to the hair, obtaining a nice light golden brown like that of Beyoncè or Jessica Alba. Instead, if you have any doubts, you can still turn to henna even on dyed or bleached blonde hair as long as you use pure henna without adding picramate.

Neutral henna: when to use it?

Neutral henna, also called Cassia Obovata or Senna Italica, in fact, does not dye your hair, but nourishes and polishes it. Neutral henna on slightly dull blond hair is the best choice, to work on the hair, reinforcing and restructuring it. Mixed with rhubarb, chamomile and other herbs in different quantities, it acts as a mask that does not affect the color, but gives a natural shine. Ideal for those with brittle and stressed hair.

Too many times you buy natural henna and you are disappointed or you don’t use it for fear of making a mistake. Just follow a few tips and experiment with henna even on blonde hair to renew your look.


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