+90 Hairstyles with Loose Hair 2019

Hairstyles with Loose Hair

It is true that picking our hair is usually a practical option or even mandatory for some areas, but it is also true that by far, the best hairstyles are achieved with the hair down, since they show us youthful, sexy and radiant, and if we have a beautiful hair, we can wear it in all its splendor. Let’s see some ideas for the hairstyles with hoose hair 2019.

With braids

Hairstyles with braids are not only for casual occasions, but also for night and parties. With a few braids you can create endless hairstyles, only braiding a few strands of hair, and leaving most of the hair loose.

Side braids

A strong trend hairstyle are the side braids. It is a bold, elegant and very sexy style. The hair should be combed with stripe on the side, and make small braids on the side. All the hair that was left on the other side, you can undulate it to give a more exotic look to your look.


The natural, slightly disheveled hair never goes out of style. Most women wear these styles because it is natural, however, you can exaggerate a little more with the help of a mousse to comb.

The waves with a disheveled effect look very good.

Ballerina bun

The bows are one of the easiest and classic hairstyles to look pretty on a formal or casual occasion. These hairstyles are very popular because of their magnificent appearance, as well as because they are easy and quick to make.

They create a simple and classic look but very interesting. For a bun to look good, it is very important to have healthy, smooth and shiny hair.

  • You must have clean hair.
  • Straighten the hair with the iron.
  • Pull your hair back to the height where you want to create the bun and tie like a pigtail.
  • Wrap the hair around the fingers in a movement up and down.
  • Continue rolling the ponytail until there is a small bun.
  • Fasten the bun with hairpins or sticks.

One of the best hairstyles in this season are the top, modern and chic bows. They are perfect to accompany a party outfit. The key to this hairstyle is to achieve a smooth texture in the hair, accentuate the eyes and a skin care, without defects.

Semi loose

A very glamorous hairstyle is the free hair only held in the back or on the side by strands of hair, which can be turned, braided or simply held by hairpins or clasps.

You can give it a little more movement by gentle waves. If you have straight hair, there is no need to mistreat it to get this look, only with hot hair tubes or an iron you will get beautiful waves in a matter of minutes.

You can also wear a limp hair.


This is another of the styles that allows us to look a lot of hair, if we have healthy and bright.

If you are one of those who opt for total lacio and bangs, because this look is easy to achieve and is very current.


The loose hair fashion that will most be seen this year, will be that with soft waves in a bohemian style. The hair looks slightly disheveled, with very natural undulations.

An easy way to create waves, which will not harm the hair as much as the curling iron or iron is to create 2 or three loose braids while the hair is still wet. Let it dry while you sleep all night. The next day you disarm the braids and try to mold the hairstyle with mousse.

This is a very 60’s style, very Brigitte Bardot, perfect to go to a party or go out at night. The hair ripples with big waves, achieving a hair with a lot of movement and really very sexy.


Loose curls with a natural look are a style that is very fashionable. If you have straight hair you can use a curling iron or iron to curl or create waves in the hair. And if you have naturally curly hair, a curling and moisturizing cream can help you achieve a beautiful hairstyle.

Wet hair

This trend is being seen more and more, and not only on the catwalks but also among the famous ones.

Parted in the middle

It is another possibility that will never go out of style. It’s a simple and very sexy style, ideal for any type of occasion, whether it’s working or going out at night. After gently washing the hair with a hairdryer, apply a softening cream to add movement and silkiness.

The line in the middle is a classic style, which has the advantage that through it, you can get both the most seductive looks, as well as those that pass more unnoticed. Everything depends on the completion that is given.

Side part

The line on the side will not be used as much as the previous option, but nevertheless, it can also be an option. It allows to get more volume in the upper part of the mane, as well as to highlight more one of the profiles of the face and the other to leave it subtly hidden.

hairstyles with hoose hair 2019

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