Hairstyles with long side bangs medium, long, short hair. How to cut itself, to put, to make my hair me.

Hairstyles with long side bangs

To create a unique image and there are many hairstyles. This long side bangs always spectacular and elegant, element to any hairstyle. The main goal is to create an image and hide the defects of the shape of the face.

Variety of long side bangs (oblique, torn)

The easiest option to add variety to your image – cut the bangs. At first glance this is a secondary voice, but it can completely change the style and appearance. It is able to adjust the shape of the face, to give the desired proportions.

Types of long bangs:

Oblique bangs is posted on the wires side. It has a soft texture that frames the face. You can curl the tip – it will give a touch of romance and elegance. The advantage of bangs is easy to grow.

Ripped. It adapts to voluminous hair. When laying on one side, it looks perfect with an oblique cut-off. This type is fine with waterfall, ladder, rack or Bob. It is easy to assemble, it creates an elegant image.

Lovers of creativity and originality-side-swept bangs is a great option.

They are perfectly accentuate the facial features, suitable for all types and blends perfectly with different haircuts. In this case, if oblique frangetta podnadoest, it can quickly grow, it already has a certain length. The long bangs have another advantage, it looks great on any length of hairstyle.

This element of haircuts will always be a highlight. Oblique bangs really cutting home.

It is necessary to follow some instructions and have the minimum cutting capacity:

Hair must be clean and dry. Separate the part of the hair from the mass that should be resolved not to interfere. Select a desired angle of the cut, which is locked with your fingers.

It is better to cut as long as the length can always be adjusted. Oblique cut immediately. It is not necessary to cut exactly right, then it will be more difficult.

To make torn, the necessary ordinary scissors and shears for thinning:

Twist the wires of a couple of harnesses. Choosing the length, gently make slices. Comb and check the length. To complete and give a ragged look on foot

To meet the hairstyles with long side bangs?

When choosing a hairstyle with the long side bangs, it is necessary to consider the contours of the face and hair structure. With a round shape, it visually extends with the oblique side bangs. This is a favorite technique of stylists. When the division in asymmetric parts of the face will be soft, even feminine.

Oblique bangs to liven up a classic hair style and give its present.

With the long bangs braid the cutting line is the long side is flush with the cheekbones. This will help to draw the smooth rectangular face or wide cheekbones. Fall on the face, to hide the roundness of the chubby cheeks. Oval-shaped ripped on one side is the perfect complement to any cut in the form of a waterfall.

Hairstyles with long side bangs are suitable for all kinds of entities.

Oblique torn perfectly round (extends form) and square (softens the lines of the cheekbones) types of people. Because of the length, it can be combed backwards, blow-waves. In all cases, you will have an elegant and impressive appearance. In an asymmetrical Bob or Bob he perfectly pulls a face.

Options of long hair cuts with side bangs

There are many options for haircuts with the long side bangs. Quad ragged cut the principle of the waterfall: in turn cut thread by wire, as a consequence, the first shorter and the lower part of the hair is longer. It gives some inattention in style. While side-swept bangs creates subtle asymmetry.

Kare with a bang harmonizes the image of hiding the appearance and age defects (hide frontal wrinkles). Ragged bangs with long hair.

Ragged bangs have a solid appearance and will be a perfect decoration of long hair.

The advantages of vystrogana:

the ability to keep the length intact, to mask the defects and highlight the lines of the face, you can use any hair structure;

Depending on the situation, ragged bangs stacked in various ways: to give the hair dryer volume, align the flat curling irons. Ragged bangs always looks original, due to the natural sloppy, uneven ends, rattrapante. It gives a special charm to the hairstyle. But it is necessary to pay particular attention to the styling.

Waterfall of medium length hair with side bangs

Cascading type hairstyles is designed to visually increase the volume, due to a short on the top and along the ends of the strands. This hairstyle is suitable for any type of person. She skillfully, uniforms the deficiencies of rectangular shape and the round face. When this is combined with the bangs, which is in harmony with the hairstyle has the same function of correction of the face.

The easiest way of styling bangs to the side – just comb to the side and fix it by means of fixation. Owners of elongated shape, should refrain from the side bangs.

Bob with a short nape and a worn-out broom

This hairstyle is popular because of its versatility. Create voluminous hairstyle. Bangs are not always a mandatory part of the hairstyle. But almost every variant allows, for its presence. Long side swept bangs in harmony with graduation haircuts. It is suitable for a wide range of people.

Long ragged bangs combed slightly to the side to cover the high forehead and the face will look more feminine. Bob with long bangs will prolong your face. Oblique long bangs best to cut both a compact and a high forehead. With curly bangs hair will look very clean.

Updo with long side bangs

Updo with long side bangs is a wonderful option for creating a romantic image. Style and fashion changes, but these hairstyles are not inferior to the modern hairstyle. Sophisticated, feminine hair is the perfect festive event for every day.

These types of hairstyles will open the shoulders, the neck, accentuate the facial features, creating a refined and elegant look. But keep in mind that medium-length hair and more. Owners of a high forehead, similar hairstyle with the bangs side will be the right decision.

French beam, fits refined nature, will give a romantic touch.

Easy to do yourself. The hairstyle must be done on clean hair as it is necessary to create a shine. Bob with a short nape and a worn-out broom.

This hairstyle is popular because of its versatility. Create voluminous hairstyle. Bangs are not always a mandatory part of the hairstyle. But almost every variant allows, for its presence. Long side swept bangs in harmony with graduation haircuts. It is suitable for a wide range of people.

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