Trendy hairstyles with braids for women 2023


I discovered the best braided hairstyles for women that are in style this year.

Braided hairstyles are wonderful ways to change up your look and play with different identities. Not only are they versatile, but they are also protective styles, braids are used by women all over the world to protect their beauty from environmental damage and show off their wild imagination.

While there’s no shortage of ways you can twist and twist those threads, sometimes an overwhelming number of options is just that: overwhelming. So, to make decisions easier for you, we’ve rounded up easy braid hairstyles to take to your hairdresser or try at home.

Hairstyle with braids with loose hair

If you love your long hair and also want braids, the half up, half down style gives you the best of both worlds.

A new version is to double French braid the middle section of your hair halfway down, then twist it into a messy bun.

It adds an extra cool factor to the standard bun hairstyle while maintaining its beachy vibe. You can also braid more sections of your hair in the top section. To nail the style, be sure to leave enough hair down, so the style doesn’t look half-finished.

Side Braid Hairstyle

Side braids are the easy way to create a faux undercut or take a side swept wavy hairstyle to the next level. These braids start at the hairline and move towards the crown of the head instead of back. As a result, they have an unusual and striking appearance.

It’s a bold contrast, and the result is a sleek, modern look that flatters most face shapes.

Hairstyles with african braids

Classic African braids are one of the most iconic styles for textured Afro hair. All of your hair will be sectioned into squares and worked into individual braids to achieve this look.

You can wear your hair or have extensions braided, which will give you long, full locks that will turn heads.

They are considered a protective style and can be any length or thickness; however, if you have naturally thin or fine hair, opt for smaller box braids, so there is less stress on your scalp.

While box braids take a long time to put up, once finished, they last for weeks and require very little maintenance.

Hairstyles with French braids

A timeless and feminine style, the French braid is a classic for a reason. You can wear this versatile braid for a casual brunch, the gym, or the office.

Keep it super soft for a more professional look, or break out a few face-framing pieces for a soft, romantic vibe.

You can also pair it with a fishtail braid or a half up, half down style, and French braids are also a popular hairstyle for wedding guests. Whatever the occasion, a French braid is a perfect choice.

Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

A festival classic, the fishtail braid adds a bohemian touch to any look. It is one of the easiest braids to create because it does not involve a complicated pattern.

However, you will need to separate your hair into small sections, about half an inch, and maintain tension throughout the braid to prevent unraveling.

You can start the fishtail at any point on your head, using a French or Dutch braiding technique, which means it will work on both short and long hair. A double fishtail is also a great way to wear this look.


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