Hairstyles with braids for girls: ideas and photos 2020

Hairstyles with braids for girls

Braided hairstyles are undoubtedly one of the great trends of the 2020 season, as they can be seen accompanying the collections of the most prestigious firms and designers, as well as can be seen on the red carpets in the most influential celebrities . So for our girls to feel all princesses today we present a huge variety of hairstyles with braids, which provide style, versatility and freshness.

As you will see through the photos that we present, the proposals go through really varied styles, since you can see hairstyles that are fully collected and others that instead are presented to us in the form of semi collected.


The good thing about combing our girls is that we can be very creative and create a unique and totally personal hairstyle. If we opt for a total collection, the possibilities are endless. You can combine braids with pigtails, or with hair curled up in a bun, and at the same time, use different accessories such as bows, flowers or brooches.

Hairstyles with inverted braids are very fashionable.

Or you can make a 4 strand braid.

We can also make the crown braids, a very delicate style, perfect for girls.


And we also have French braids, which allow very creative styles, such as the one we see below.

For a ceremony or communion, decorating the hair with flowers and pearls is an excellent idea. You can also use bows or brooches with glitter.

Semi-picked with braids

If you choose to leave part of the hair loose, you can card the hair on the top of the head to give it volume, and make styling look more festive and ceremonial. You can also use a wide variety of accessories, according to the occasion.

The trends in hairstyles for big girls are the same for small girls, in terms of simple and easy hairstyles to go to school or to go to a birthday, because just like older sisters and mom choose fashionable styles. So for the smallest of the house, some suggestions.

They are a classic within children’s hairstyles, you can choose to wear the mane with just a few braids or a zipline braid, which we like, and always, the unique and basic braid.

Another option that is a trend today, are the waterfall braids, through which strands are passed as the braid is “woven”, giving a very beautiful effect. The hair is semi-picked, so it is very comfortable. To make it look more elegant, we can straighten the girl’s hair or add loops or waves with an iron or loop.

Here for example we see two types of waterfall braids. You can braid the hair only once or as we see in the second image, you can braid it below, creating a very beautiful style for a girl.

The waterfall style looks very pretty if you wave your hair.

Here the waterfall style was mixed with a stitched (or French) braid.

The little ones loops are fabulous.

Dutch braids

In addition, there are really very simple proposals that take little time to dedicate, such as Dutch braids, perfect for all occasions.

You can choose the simplest for day to day and the other more elaborate for occasions that merit it.


You can also play with African braids, in many cases decorated with simple details such as ribbons, flowers or brooches, the only key is creativity.


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