+110 Hairstyles with braids 2020: beautiful ideas and tutorials

Hairstyles with braids 2020: 150 beautiful ideas and tutorials

Lots of ideas to make beautiful hairstyles with braids quickly, with photo tutorials!

Do you want to try new hairstyles? We show you quick and easy photos to make many different hairstyles with braids. DIY hairlook for long, short, straight or curly hair and to show off in everyday life or for ceremonies!

Hairstyles with Long Hair Braids

A long hair and a thick hair allow you to create all kinds of hairstyles. From the two-strand braid to the Dutch, passing through the ear of wheat. Whether you have straight or curly hair the length will allow you to create super original long hair hairstyles. Here are some beautiful hairstyle ideas!

Hairstyles with Short Hair Braids

Who said short hair can’t be styled? The braids are the simplest and most practical solution for those who wear the classic bob cut because it is enough to weave a few side locks in a semi-gathered to get a different look than usual. Those who have opted for a lob cut could instead dare with a waterfall braid ending in a side bun. Do you want other ideas? Get inspired by our short and medium hair hairstyles!

Tail with braid

An original and often underutilized hairstyle is the tail with the braid! You can create a raised braid or a simple braid that starts from the forehead and then is fixed on the nape with an elastic together with the rest of the hair. To make the hairstyle with the braid more chic you must always wrap a small strand of hair around the elastic used to fix the tail. In the images below you will find many look ideas and also a simple tutorial!

French braid

Linear and classic. The French braid is one of the easiest hairstyles to make even independently! The weave is achieved by adding strands of hair to the sections of the braid as you proceed, creating a weave attached to the head. How to create this hairstyle?

Hairstyle with Side Braids

An excellent solution for those with wavy hair and want a soft hairstyle is the side braid, which collects the hair leaving its natural volume. Thick hair lends itself to particular variations of the braid on one side, such as the headband or the Dutch one. Easy and romantic hairstyles with side braids and curls that fall on the face, ideal for weddings and ceremonies. If you are looking for new look ideas, look at how celebrieties and VIP women wear side hairstyles even on the red carpet!

Dutch braid

The more practical ones can delight with the Dutch braid, which requires a little more manual skills. It is a braid in relief that can be worn as we like: all on one side, in a crop or double. Does it seem difficult to you? Not at all!

Hairstyles with Braids and Waves

Do you like hairstyles with braids and ringlets? The semi-harvest is the one for you. Style the hair with a curling iron that will allow you to create soft waves. Then braid the locks on the side of the head in a single braid or in two fishbone braids, French or raised, or you have the choice! Complete the hairstyle with romantic flowers, twigs or beads. If you want to see other similar looks, discover the most beautiful wedding hairstyles for guests.

Fish Bone Braid

The herringbone braid (or wheat ear braid) is an excellent option for girls who want volume. Braid your hair by loosening the individual locks a little in order to create that messy effect that makes the hair immediately more fluffy. How to make this hairstyle? Here is a tutorial that will teach you how to reproduce an original herringbone braid.

Hairstyles with Loose Hair Braids

Straight and wavy hair particularly enhance small braids. So indulge your imagination by weaving together different types of braids. To make the hair look more natural, stop the locks with transparent elastic bands or directly with your hair.

Headband braid

For a romantic and bohemian look, choose the headband braid. Making it is very simple, just braid a strand of hair at the nape of the neck and pass it over the head fixing it to the opposite side with a hairpin, preferably the color of our hair so as to hide it at best. It is a timeless 50s hairstyle, revisited over the decades.

Hairstyles with African braids

The frizzy and super curly hair typical of afro hair is often styled in small braids, which can also be created by creating geometric designs on the skin. Before creating this hairstyle, it is important to use specific afro hair products, which will nourish and hydrate the hair, allowing the hairstylist to manage it better.

Braids Chignon

Why not combine the braid with another hairstyle? Let’s try to combine the classic high chignon with the herringbone braid. The chignon can also be composed entirely of braids. How to make braided chignon?

Braid Attached to the Cape

The braid attached to the head allows you to achieve a complete hair crop. It can be created in different versions: as a raised braid, French braid or crown braid. Furthermore, based on your tastes and hair length, you can choose whether to start it from the forehead, rotate it on the head or create an original zigzag braid. In the photos you will find many ideas and ideas to copy.

Twist braid

Similar to twists, the twist braid is made by dividing a section of hair into two strands and rolling the strands on themselves. After this step, let’s create the twist: we twist the two locks together and stop the hair with elastic bands and bobby pins. Very simple and perfect to complete a quick summer harvest. If you want to discover other anti-hot ideas look at our summer hairstyles for inspiration!

Wheel braid

An intersection of raised strands that frame the face, gathering all the hair. We can not say that the wheel braid falls between the hairstyles with simple braids, but we have made a beautiful video tutorial in which we explain all the steps for fans who want to reproduce this hairstyle.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair with Braids

Medium length hair can easily be styled with braids. The secret to creating a nice look is to opt for the braids that start from the garment. You can create a side braid, create more braids that start from the forehead or create a weave with the side locks and leave the other hair loose. The alternative to the semi-harvest is the complete harvest made with a double braid or with a single central braid.

Rose Braid or Flower Braid

Flowers in your hair? No more, now we can make floral hairstyles directly with our hair! By combining many braids arranged in a circular way we can create this wonderful pink braid, the perfect representation of a bud.

Butterfly braid

Who owns the artistic vein will not be able to resist this spectacular hairstyle! A butterfly created with the weaves of our locks, complete with antennas! Do you think it is impossible to create a butterfly braid? Test yourself by following the tutorial!

Heart braid

Another original proposal is that of the heart braid made up of two braids attached to the garment that come together to recreate the shape of the symbol of love. It is certainly one of the most popular hairstyles with braids for girls for weddings, confirmations or communions, but it can also be a half-garment to wear on a special evening (maybe on Valentine’s Day).

Braid with Bows

There are many shapes that we can reproduce with our hair and it is enough to have a little imagination to play with our hair. Here is the braid with bows, which is nothing more than a French braid with some soft locks specially removed from the weave to give the illusion of the buttonhole that closes many small bows in a row. It only takes a few minutes to make it. Find out how with our tutorial!

Hairstyles with Special Braids

If you are tired of the usual classic braids, every now and then you can experience original braids! Some looks require a lot of patience and time of realization such as the double raised braid made on very long hair or the triple braided braid with development on the head. In the photos we show you different hairstyle ideas from which to take inspiration.

4 or 5 strands braid

A very fine and elegant hairstyle, but which requires a bit of manual skills and training. It can be done on the whole hair or on a few locks, adding rhinestones or flowers for an even more refined effect. We wake up all the secrets of the 5-strand braid in our tutorial.

Spiral braid

A single braid that rotates around the head creating a vortex that ends at the top of the neck. A hairstyle suitable for straight hair that gives volume and that can be made in many variations.

Do you like hairstyles with braids and tutorials that we have selected for you? Write us what is your favorite hairstyle in the comments!


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