15 Styles of hairstyles with bandanas that you can do in less than 5 minutes

Hairstyles with bandanas

This year the handkerchiefs are becoming a trend, but not as an accessory knotted to the neck but as a nice hair ornament. Whether you have it short or if it is the length of Rapunzel, the bandanas are perfect to give a different touch, full of color and style to your hair.

The best thing is that you can make hairstyles of high buns, with loose hair, invent a bangs and even waves. Definitely, from now on your hairstyles will be varied every day and to help you here are 15 different ways in which you can wear them.

If you have short hair, you can also use them

They look elegant and feminine

If you have no idea how to comb, this is the solution

The bows will help you focus your attention on your face

Use it as a complement to your chongo

For a more hippie style

You can intertwine them in your chongos

The bandanas will make you feel feminine and tender

They give a sophisticated touch to your outfit

With a low and loose ponytail

Learn to tie in different ways

They are ideal if you want to protect your hair from the sun on the beach

So you’ll have a fresh and summery style

They are a touch of color for your hair

The bandanas will give you a voluminous appearance

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