10 original hairstyles for women aged 50


Hair is an essential attribute of beauty. Having beautiful hair in harmony with your face and your personality, helps to give you more charm, and make you irresistible in the eyes of others. If you are a woman over the age of 50, and you want to have dream hair, you should definitely try one of these 10 hairstyles.

Are you tired of having hair that has no shape and that gives you a neglected look? Do you want to adopt a new hairstyle, capable of highlighting the features of your face, and giving you a more youthful and elegant look? Here is a list of trendy hairstyles that all women over the age of 50 should discover this summer.

The degraded short square:

With the external aggressions that your hair experiences daily, you may lose volume. The gradient short bob is the ideal hairstyle for all women who want to give volume to their hair, while adopting a style that is both elegant and casual. If you are a follower of short hair, you should definitely not hesitate to try it.

The fuzzy square:

Commonly called “Tousled Bob” by our Anglo-Saxon friends, the blurred bob is one of those timeless cuts that are suitable for all women. The disheveled side of this cut will allow you to have a younger look while softening your features. In addition, this hairstyle is so easy to maintain that you will no longer need to spend hours taking care of your hair.

The long square:

Still not ready to let go of your long hair, but still want to revamp your hair? The long bob is the hairstyle you need! Adopted by Hollywood stars and fashion gurus, the long bob is the ideal hairstyle for all women who want to combine refinement and lightness, while giving new life to their look.

The wavy square:

All hairdressers and stylists in the world will tell you! Wavy hair rejuvenates your face, while adding charm to your features. If you want to highlight your femininity while softening the features of your face, don’t hesitate! Try the wavy square, you won’t regret it!

The Pixie cut:

Here is the cut that any self-respecting fashionista should try at least once in her life! The Pixie cut is a more feminine version of the boyish cut, it is a kind of short gradient with a long wick that covers part of the forehead. In addition to giving you a youthful and Rock’n’roll look, this cut helps highlight your neck and neck.

The plunging Pixie:

If you are not convinced by the normal Pixie, you can try the plunging Pixie. It is a very trendy cut that can be adapted to all face shapes. Plus, the plunging Pixie is so easy to maintain that you may never let your hair grow again.

Ombre or sombre:

If you want to look good, while adding liveliness to your hair, shaded or dark balayage is what you need! Indeed, this technique initially adopted by renowned hairdressers, consists in adding reflections of darker or lighter color than the natural color of your hair while adding shine and shine.

Lightening of hair:

If you’re still not ready to cut your hair, and want to give your hair a new lease of life, you might want to try coloring. Having lighter hair will allow you to soften your features and look much younger. But beware ! Choose organic dyes to keep your hair healthy.

Grey hair :

You do not need to hide your gray hair to be beautiful, highlight it by adopting a gray coloring close to your natural color. Gray hair is very fashionable, it will give you a very refined appearance and an unparalleled charm.

The lioness cup:

The cuts of the retro years are coming back in force, among these cuts we find the lioness cut! A perfect cut for all women who want to display a young and relaxed look, without spending hours and hours styling their hair.


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