Hairstyles for weddings 2019: trends and photos

Hairstyles for weddings

Whether we are the true protagonist of the wedding or just a guest, a wedding is always a reason to see us well. That is why it is important not only to find the perfect outfit, but also to find the hairstyle that most suits us and that is at the height of our wardrobe. That is why we wanted to present several very stylish and varied proposals in wedding hairstyles, which are also based on the most outstanding trends of fashion 2019.

The hairstyle for the wedding is as important as the dress, shoes, accessories and makeup. It should be chosen according to the shape of the face, facial features, type and length of hair. It must reflect your personality and complete your image. This is why the best thing you can do is choose it with time and try several hairstyles until you find the perfect one for you.


It is a simple and chic hairstyle, perfect for all face shapes, but it is an option only for women with medium or long hair. Those with short hair, will be much more limited, although of course, they can use extensions to achieve a nice bun.

The trends show us picked up with many bulices, some slightly disheveled, also makes use of the tufted locks. You can achieve very elegant and sober hairstyles, perfect to accompany a wedding dress.

To lengthen your face use long earrings. If you are looking for a more natural look you can use a large and colorful flower to decorate the collected.

Low dancer bows are also another possibility.


One of the most popular hairstyles for all kinds of ceremonies, even for wedding guests, is the chignon style, that is, the low bun. They are a good choice because they are elegant, refined and very feminine. They are one of the classic options, which never go out of style.

The trends also indicate that the most used are slightly disordered or turned.

Top knot or high ballerina bun

This type of bows is very fashionable for several seasons, and it is very easy to do. If you accompany it with beautiful earrings or a necklace, they can make you look fabulous.

The French braids at the back of the hairstyle are fashionable.

You can also accompany it with a toupee, to give it a more glamorous appearance.


For the semirecogido hair, the tendencies propose mainly to take the curly or slightly wavy hair and to include brooches or flower arrangements. Many strands of turned hair are also used.

They are perfect for all face types and also add volume to our hair. They are easy to make and in addition there is a huge variety of elegant designs for formal occasions.

Besides being chic, they are modern styles that add interest to our image. To make them perfect, it is important to have a hair with good health, conditioning and hydration.

They are very flattering for our face. You can keep your natural texture and use a little foam to give body or increase the volume adding waves with curling iron or iron.

These hairstyles are inspired by fairy tales and boho chic style. The hair is worn smooth or with very soft waves, and slightly disheveled.


Obviously this option works for both long and short hair. You have the possibility to wear it smooth, with waves or curls, or slightly disheveled. And you can also help with hair accessories, or wear earrings.

The retro waves are very glamorous and never go out of style.

You can also choose to wear hair with a wet look.

Or with slightly disheveled waves.

With braids

Among the collected and semi-collected, some of the most popular this season are undoubtedly those with braid details.

The tenzas allow to realize very creative and original hairstyles.

They are very practical styles that at the same time bring together originality and elegance. They can wear the braids gathered to one side, around the head, over the head, or in a wonderful knot where they join not one but several braids. Although they look complicated, in reality they are just the opposite, they are easy to perform. You can do them yourself or with the help of a friend or family member.


If you opt for vintage fashion or retro styling, you can choose some of these beautiful hairstyles inspired by great eras that have influenced fashion.

They return to the aspect of slightly wavy and short like that of the first image that reminds the flapper girls of the 20s. While the second hairstyle would make us think of the glamor of the ’30s. With bangs and soft waves, it could be placed in the fifties fashion when big divas like Rita Hayworth wore long waves.

No less handsome a hair style in ultra short hair with waves that reminds us of the end of the fifties and the beginning of the ’60s, when the hippie era was not yet and fashion was inclined towards the total chic.

This French hairstyle is inspired by the 20s and is perfect for medium length hair. It is a hairstyle that works with all women, regardless of the face shape and is very sexy and elegant.

If you have long, shiny hair and look for a sexy appearance, the perfect hairstyle is to bring smooth and well-defined waves. It is a hairstyle that works with oval and square faces. As for makeup, it is perfect for use with smoky eyes and transparent lip gloss.


To think that hairstyles with pigtails are very simple or basic to go to a wedding, is to miss an easy look that always looks good and that favors every woman. If you have long or midi hair, you know you can take a pigtail, do it yourself and take it with many details or very simple, you choose, according to your taste and your personal style.

You can also embellish it with a slight toupee on the top of your head, a style that is very elegant and very fashionable.

You can mix it with braided locks with the detail of taking it aside, it is youthful and super current.

A tall ponytail is beautiful and will allow you to show off with earrings or necklaces.

If you are one of those who enjoy making outfits in your hair, take the opportunity to make a light “Twister” style detail with the ponytail, you should roll up your hair and hold it with a bow, it looks beautiful and you have an inspiration for it in the following image.

A long ponytail and to one side held with tufts of hair, either very high or very low, are alternatives that you should keep in mind, because there will always be an opportunity to show them off.

Side hairstyles

They are another option that you can take into account. The side hairstyles look very sensual and elegant, and can be either collected, semi-collected or loose hair, but always on the side of the head. It can also be a side braid.

Hairstyles for curly hair

Curly hair can be difficult to handle. One of the possibilities is to use it loose and define the curls well with products for curly hair. The effect can be surprising, it is elegant and natural, which gives you the possibility of using different accessories such as brooches, tiaras, natural flowers or ribbons.

But of course, you can also look pretty picked up or semi-picked. Take a look at these images.


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