Hairstyles for Short Hair: Some Tips for A Perfect Look

Hairstyles for short hair

The hairstyles for short hair are much more difficult, compared to those with long hair, but they are more fanciful because they can be carried out using special decorations and colored.

You have to go to an important appointment and are you looking for hairstyles for short hair? We have all the tips for you, to always have a perfect look. It is easy to create a beautiful hairstyle with long hair, but it is on the short hair that you play the challenge.

For short cuts, hairstyles are much more difficult to create, just for this reason you need more imagination and more creativity. Let’s find out what are the most beautiful hairstyles for short hair.

Hairstyles for Short Hair Collected

A bun should not necessarily be done on a long cut, but it can also be done on the short. Combing the hair backwards, just take a few strands and turn it on itself, being careful to fix it with some black cloth or the same color of hair. In this way it is possible to create a wavy and wavy effect. Before proceeding with the hairstyle, we advise you to apply a mousse for curly hair and then fix it well with the hairspray.

The hairstyle with short gathered hair is always very elegant and is a favorite for weddings

Hairstyle with Braids Behind

The most beautiful hairstyles for short hair are those with braids. If your hair arrives at least over the shoulders you can try to do the hairstyle with the braids behind. Take the locks in the center, braid the back of the neck and then roll it up on itself, fixing it with clothespins. Then take the locks that start from one side and another of this braid and create another, also rolled this and unite, with clothespins, the first.

Continue until your hair allows it, creating behind a beautiful hairstyle, which can be embellished with some glitter or some flower. The strands that remain out of the braids try to incorporate them in the hairstyle, always helping with the clothespins.

Hairstyle with the Tuft Braid

If your hair is very short, but you have one side longer than the other, you can create a braid on it and leave it on that side, or with the help of the clips fix it, bringing it on the opposite side.

Other Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyle with sides exchange. If your short cut is a little bit rough, you can start from the bottom, taking the right-hand strands and going to the left, fixing them with the clips and from the left to the right, fixing everything with the lacquer. in this case, the front locks must be combed backwards, incorporating them in the bands from right to left.

An example of cutting for short hair

Hairstyle with chignon on the side. One of the most elegant hairstyles for short hair is the one with the bun, especially if this is placed on the side, near the ear and is embellished with some jewelry.

Back hairstyle. The hairstyle for short hair backwards is always very chic, just take the hair, pick them back, making them flow in some point, just above the head, so the hairstyle seems more swollen. If the length from behind allows it, you can do the same thing.

Hairstyle with Flowers, Jewels or Headband

If you have very short hair, you can embellish them with a showy and light flower to be applied directly on them, with the appropriate clips. Alternatively you can use some jewelry, which can also create some play of light and that gives you more prominence.

This solution is also used for many brides, that having very short hair, you can not afford chignon, in this case often white elements are used, which give even more importance to the most beautiful day and to the color of the dress.

The headband will always remain a must, for any type of cut. If you have very short hair you can make sure that the headband, in the initial part pulls them well, or if they are a little ‘longer, you can create a little’ volume. Just choose the right circle with some rhinestones or some colorful flower.

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