+100 Hairstyles for Short Hair 2023


Short hair has become one of the main fashion trends, thanks to the fact that it offers enormous versatility and elegance. In addition, it allows us to benefit from a very low maintenance cut. That is why we will show you a large number of hairstyles for short hair below.

The modern woman is much more daring, transgressive and innovative and is much more encouraged to opt for this type of cut, comparing them with women of other times, where social prejudices often limited their image.

That is why today for all this huge number of followers of short haircuts we wanted to present some modern ways of how to comb these different styles of cuts that include short hair.

Loose straight

Although straight hair has been giving way to wavy hair, it is true that if straight hair is what you like and what favors you, why are you going to change your style? So if yours is a short and very smooth long hair, you will love these suggestions. Short hair is still the dominant trend of 2023 and many celebrities have already joined it.

You can wear your hair with bangs on the forehead, on one side or a curtain look, the one that you like and favor the most. You don’t have to worry too much about how to maintain it, because one of the great advantages of short hair is that it is easy to style and maintain, so bet on the style that is most comfortable and flattering for you.

Very short or slightly long hair almost reaching the shoulders, the pixie and those that are in layers are perfect to give body to your hair and make it look with a lot of movement.

As you can see in the photographs and as it is quite obvious, one of the things that will mainly limit the hairstyles is the cut style, since obviously it is not the same to style a pixie style than a Bob cut just above the shoulders. This is why it is vitally important, before deciding to cut your hair, to analyze carefully what hairstyles are comfortable for you and what you could do, in addition to analyzing the texture of the hair, since the various cuts will not look the same on extremely straight hair that in a curly one.

Finally, there are more modern and urban options that will make it look different, extravagant and striking. We refer to the use of gel that gives the appearance of wet hair.

Loose with curls or waves

If you have curly hair or it is the trend that you like to wear, this year you will be able to opt for hairstyles with curls that will be a trend. Short hair is back in fashion, and if you wear it curly you add a lot of volume and movement. You have to keep in mind that humidity does its thing, but if you use good products specially formulated for curls, you don’t have to worry.

Blonde or brunette, it doesn’t matter the color, since we can all benefit from these hairstyles because they give a lot of movement to short hair. And if you wear it very curly and loose, with a shiny and loose leonine mane, you will have a look that will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

If you don’t enjoy lots of curls that much but it still makes your hair wavy, then you can choose to wear it with soft waves. In this case, the hairstyle has very soft waves that are accentuated at the ends. Next up is the same style on a longer bob and hair in a different color, reminding us that these hairstyles work on any length of hair.

Curly hair is one of the most difficult hair textures to manage, especially when it is short. However, it is always good to use styling products for your hair so that you can create styles and hairstyles more easily.


It doesn’t matter if you are a very young girl or a grown woman, this modern and carefree look goes great with all ages. Slightly disheveled short hair looks will continue to be a trend so if you like them, don’t be afraid to wear them.


The collected hair fashion is probably one of the most changing of all, because the ways to achieve them are countless, changing styles, braids, waves and other possibilities. Let’s see some of the most outstanding trends in this type of hairstyles, facing the 2023 season.


Many women associate the fact of getting a short haircut, with not being able to do collected hairstyles. This is not always the case, since a large number of short haircuts require lengths of hair up to 20 centimeters long, from the upper parts of the head, which will allow you to create beautiful hairstyles of this style.


The hairstyles that are collected and that the knot is coquettishly attached to the lower part of the head are known by this name, although there are variants and some wear it slightly higher. The one in the lower image is low and has the detail of loose strands.

Chignon with wavy hair, the tousled effect that is barely noticeable, is something that continues to be a trend this season and that you can wear too. He is very attractive because he conveys a relaxed and youthful image.

The one in the image above is a chignon that varies in its knots, it looks and goes slightly higher.

This is a very elaborate hairstyle that has the detail of adding twisted side locks as another decorative element.

Disheveled updo

Updos are perfect for parties, and now they are worn with the famous tousled effect that has been so fashionable. It is a charming effect that allows the hairstyle to look more youthful and carefree without neglecting the elegance that we want for a style.

Hairstyles respond to everyone’s taste, and younger girls can be more daring, wearing more casual looks like the one shown in the image below. It is an effect that also gives the hair the appearance of more volume, which is perfect for those with very fine hair.

You can also take advantage of a more rebellious look by leaving tousled strands in the knot that holds the hair. You can choose the one that best suits your style and your age, and also the taste you have.

The idea is to collect the hair back and hold it with hairpins. A casual style is achieved, a little disheveled, messy, but very flattering.

Top Knot Bow



This type of hairstyle is a simple way to look fresh, elegant and very feminine. They can be used for both casual looks and the most elegant and sophisticated ones.

These styles have seemed great to us, since they highlight all the splendor of past decades, where turning the hair, at the back of the hair, was something very common.


Semi-up hairstyles have the perfect balance between the sophistication and elegance of a classic up-do and the sensuality of a loose hairstyle. They are perfect for both formal and casual occasions, but there are some rules to follow when it comes to the type of occasion. For casual occasions it is not necessary to apply design techniques, while for formal occasions more effort and creativity are required to adapt to the demands of the event.

The easiest way to create a semi-updo that suits all kinds of occasions is to add volume to the hairstyle, once you get used to the procedure it will really save time.

One of the possibilities is to create a bouffant hairstyle, that is, with volume at the top.

Those who have naturally curly hair or those who are drawn to curly hairstyles, creating a half updo is perfect. Those with naturally straight hair can create a half updo and then wave the bottom of the hair for a festive touch.

For informal occasions, semi-collected but messy hairstyles are also perfect. The messy hairstyle is a very strong trend for several years.

Experimenting with different hair styles will allow you to expand your knowledge as to which hairstyles best suit your hair and personality.


Due to the elegance and femininity that braids have to offer, this type of hairstyle can be seen as one of the predominant trends of recent years. There is a huge variety of proposals to choose from.

Braids have the ability to adapt to a wide variety of styles and ages, being a perfect hairstyle for styles ranging from the innocent to the sensual. They can be adapted to updos or semi-loose with great ease.


There are times when you want to look fabulous, and they call for maximum care in your outfit and hairstyle. For those occasions, you have to choose something really special and retro hairstyles can be the perfect choice.

One of the options can be the beehive style. Classic among the classics, it is usually worn semi-collected or loose, in both the backcombing of the hair is everything. In other words, you will not need more than a perfectly brushed mane and the appearance of a lot of volume. To achieve that crest look, you have to use the practical “donut” for hair that we all know so much about.

You can also go for retro waves, which look super chic.

With accessories

Hair accessories can help beautify any hairstyle, so you can also take that into account. Headbands, tiaras and brooches, many of which incorporate details such as feathers, stones, flowers, bows and sequins.

Therefore, they are ideal accessories to enhance our most feminine side, thus favoring both casual looks as well as the most sophisticated and elegant looks, since they are also one of the most versatile feminine accessories.


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