When it comes to choosing hairstyles for a party, be it a big event, such as a wedding, a graduation, a label party, we have several options for this year 2019, such as the classic collections, wavy hair, ballerinas, and many more styles . Today, we have a lot of suggestions for easy-to-achieve styles that you can make yourself at home.

Ballerina bows

To go to parties, pickups are always a good choice because they suppose more elegance and make us look more sophisticated. One of the most fashionable hairstyles today, is the ballerina bun, a collection that seems very elaborate but nevertheless can be done in a very easy way. But that is great for those who want to be seen especially favored. We must take care of the makeup, as it becomes the protagonist of the look.

In these images we present some ideas, some very simple and others very elaborate. Whatever you like, do not deprive yourself of letting yourself be seen with a style that is today one of the great trends of the season. And do not forget the details like the accessories that become very important.

If you do not have long hair, you can take advantage of the extensions or the famous “donut” to give the hair the appearance of this hairstyle. And you can always adapt it to your taste and personal style.

You can choose a low chignon style. Whether you have straight or wavy hair you will know that it only requires combing and picking up with a good knot.

Hairstyles for party wavy

Do you have a party and want to look young? For younger girls we will always find beautiful hairstyles, which adapt to their age and style. When you want to look with great elegance at parties, wavy hair is always a good choice. Today we have for our readers, a selection of hairstyles that will make them look great at a party day or night, a work meeting, or a romantic date. Like the hairstyle that we see in the image below, a semi-drawn in which the hair has been waved.

You can decide to wear straight hair and wavy tips, or use many waves. You know that the waves give a lot of volume to the hair and are then perfect for those with very fine hair. The one in the lower image is a wavy flirt in a high ponytail.

The look with waves not only favors those with long hair, also short hair can be full of movement and attractive, with soft waves that fall just holding a few strands in a braid, for example, and leaving others loose on the forehead. An adorable trend that is very easy to achieve at home.

There are hairstyles for all tastes and if you like your hair and braids, a very chic styling, with a braided side sole, with wavy hair, will look fantastic.

A long and lateral braid for those who follow trends, have a mane with lots of hair and enjoy romantic styles.


If you have wavy hair or you like to undulate it, take advantage of the loose strands that give it a lot of movement and do not deprive yourself if you like, of a loose side braid that gathers large tufts, and add a lot of volume to the hair.

Let’s not forget a great option as a classic in hairstyles. A semirecogido with a tang braid in the back, slightly disheveled, with soft waves, which looks very youthful. A semi-combed card is perfect for those who have a long mane and a lot of volume.

Below we see a similar styling, but this time, with very straight hair.

If you have short hair, a side braid can be a great choice.

You can see more here: Hairstyles with braids 2019

Collected unkempt

One of the trends is inclined by the disheveled effect within the collected, as one of the most attractive and appropriate styles for young girls. So today we bring you some proposals that will love you. You can choose the disheveled style of the lower image, which is modern and very easy to achieve, picks up the hair from behind, dropping wavy strands on the sides of the face and on the nape of the neck.

While a half braid on the top of the head is perfect for those who want to give a different touch to styling, especially considering that braids are fashionable.

Straight hair

Caring for hair is part of keeping it attractive, and if you have a long, well-groomed mane and you want it to be admired, looking good is a good decision. Why not choose a style that allows everyone to admire your long hair. We give you ideas to comb with different styles, they are simple looks in which the maximum attractiveness lies precisely in the beauty of the mane and the simplicity of them. You already know that simplicity is equal to elegance. Our first suggestion is to wear straight hair combed with a streak in the middle.

In any season, whether summer or winter, hair accessories triumph. So take advantage of that in addition to boasting your healthy and well-groomed hair, you can wear a very original detail like a bow or any accessory for hair. The most elegant accessories contribute to the appeal of your style.

You can like to take it straight to the maximum and semi-picked in the back. A very simple styling like the one we see in the photo below, very easy to make yourself.

While the option we see below, is a cute hairstyle that focuses on the way in which the strands have been drawn. A trend among the festive hairstyles, which was furor seasons ago and that in the coming seasons you can also choose. It allows to take advantage of the loose hair, in addition it has a light carding that gives it a lot of movement and volume. A hairstyle easy to achieve and flattering for many girls.

Another trendy trend, the hair wet effect as in the image below. An option that is easy and looks great.

A ponytail and a banded hair, is a very attractive style that you can take advantage of in autumn winter just as in spring summer and that is youthful and sexy.


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