5 Hairstyles for New Year not to be missed useful tips

5 Hairstyles for New Year not to be missed useful tips

For New Year, we must not only think about the dress but also the hairstyle. Below you will find our look tips to keep you from being unprepared

Preparing for the New Year’s party is a serious thing: the perfect dress – the most sparkling of all, make-up that enhances us and, for perfectionists, a cover hairstyle. It doesn’t have to be a structured and elegant look, you can also be enchanted with a simple and at the same time super chic hair.

But how to create a hair look for the last year that leaves its mark and, at the same time, lasts all evening, even in view of the wildest celebrations? In this guide we have selected some of the most popular trendy hairstyles on the web to celebrate the New Year in a super cool way.

Hairstyles for New Year: some advice

Before starting with the selection of hairstyles, let’s start by giving you some “hair-saving” tips that can help you during a long and potentially eventful evening. First of all, if you can, focus on a wave-like fold that can feel good whether loose or collected. If you want to give your hair a special touch, focus on accessories.

Colored ribbons, bows, glitter and other hair accessories: the choice is yours alone! Sometimes, very little is enough to create a special hairstyle that can be noticed. Unless you have decided to opt for a different style or a structured hairstyle, choose to wear your hair as naturally as possible, so you don’t have to worry about it being impeccable during the festivities. Convenient is better, but sometimes what it takes is a bit of healthy elegance.

If you can do braids, and you know how to do them well, you are on horseback: invite your friends and get ready with them to create looks that are the end of the world and start the party much earlier than the others!

Here are 5 New Year hairstyles that we recommend you try:

1) Go-go glitter: whether you have long or short hair, it doesn’t matter. Glitter can become one of the undisputed protagonists of the celebrations of the last day of the year, provided you know how to apply it to your hair. Opt for a wavy fold and sprinkle generously with golden or silver glitter, based on the tone of your hair. Cold bases match particularly well with gold refinement.

2) Buns and accessories: elegant, sophisticated and always suitable for any eventuality. The chignon is a perfect New Year’s hairstyle, easy to perform and classic in its beauty. You can leave it as it is, or embellish it with points of light such as pins and bows, so as to create an even more glamorous effect.

3) Loose with tiaras or crowns: there is nothing better than a tiara to prove to be the real queens of the party. Combine it with a loose hair for a chic and at the same time very precious effect!

4) Soft braid: if you can build a look with braids, you’re one of the few lucky that on New Year’s Eve they can enjoy a professional hairstyle! Leave it soft and decorate it with a silk ribbon, to combine strictly with your outfit.

5) XXL ringlets: just a curling iron and a great desire to get involved! The bush is always trendy and allows us to show off a tried-and-tested look like the loose one and, at the same time, change the usual routine a bit.

In general, there are no wrong New Year’s hairstyles: the only advice we can really give you is to have fun with your hair and prepare for the last party of the year!


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