Hairstyles for Long Hair: easy ideas and fast!

Hairstyles for long hair

Photos and tutorials to make the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair alone and in a short time!

Do you have a special occasion around the corner and are you looking for inspiration? Or do you just want to change your hair look? We show you many hairstyles for long hair, from the most complex and spectacular to the most simple but original.

DIY photos and tutorials to make beautiful hairstyles alone or with the help of a trusted hairdresser!

Long Hairstyles Collected Hair

One of the advantages of long hair is the possibility of giving vent to creativity with original hairstyles! We can opt for a vintage style with 20s, 30s, 50s or 70s hairstyles or for a romantic and modern twist. We have selected lots of hairstyle for girls, girls but also for mature women suitable for every occasion!

Long Hairstyles with Braids

You can create braids of all types: classic or spike of wheat, thin or dense, very narrow and defined or wide and soft, it depends only on you! Flowers and rhinestones embellish the crop with braids and weaves of different textures that move the semi-crops. Do you want to try to create an original hairstyle? Follow our tutorial on how to make a braid.

Hairstyle Long Hair with Soft Harvest

Soft crops need wavy hair that will be strategically untidy. The skilful hand of the hairstylist will arrange the wavy hair naturally, combing them sideways or in a soft bun.

Hairstyles with Horse Tails

How to style long hair easily? The classic low or high ponytail, as well as being practical and fast, can also be glamorous with a few small tricks. Such as? Tying a strand of hair around the elastic to hide it and volumizing the hair by topping it and creating soft waves with a curling iron.

Loose Long Hairstyles

A very easy hairstyle to do at home is the semi-harvested one. Two lateral locks are picked and the hair is tied in a half tail in the way that we most like: with a knot, with a torchon or in semi-gathered curls stopped by hairpins.

Chignon with Braids

The timeless chignon can be made more original with braided hair. The methods are many, from the bun with a donut closed by a braid, to the low crop with fishbone braid embellished with a ribbon. How to make these hairstyles? Follow our tutorial on how to make a braid bun.

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Wavy and full-bodied hair, a simple knot on the nape and you’re done! With the help of hairpins and a bit of creativity you can create original and very simple hairstyles. We can twist the hair on ourselves or braid 3 braids creating a new one!

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

Long curly hair is naturally bulky, so perfect for creating soft crops. Let’s forget about gels, smoothing plates and hair-dyed hair, ample space instead for soft twists and loose braids. For the success of combing it is essential to have healthy hair, so choose the right shampoo for curly hair and follow our 10 tips for perfect curls!

Hairstyles with Special Braids

We must rely on expert hands for these hairlooks that require a bit of dexterity. Dutch braids, spiga and torciglioni melt into a single hairstyle to wear sideways or along the back. The look becomes even more romantic by adding flowers and is ideal for a wedding party or a bridesmaid.

Harvested with Raised Braid

Another alternative for braided hair lovers is a Dutch or raised braid. It is a very large braid, which does not marry thin hair. It is in fact necessary to have a thick and thick hair so that the combing has the right volume. If you don’t know how to do it follow our video tutorial on how to make a braid!

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Smooth hair is a great ally for neat hairstyles, but not trivial for this. Those with long hair to the shoulders can easily reproduce the 60’s banana crop. Instead, the low chignon requires a longer length. To obtain the effect of a soft hairstyle instead it is necessary to give more body to the hair. Such as? Follow our suggestions on how to give volume to hair.

Long Hairstyles For Ceremonies

Whether for a baptism, an eighteenth, a confirmation, a communion or you are the witness of the wedding, choosing the appropriate hairstyle for the dress and context is fundamental!
The choice is wide between soft or structured crops or semi-crops. The elegant touch is certainly given by hair accessories such as pearls, rhinestones and flowers.

If you will be at the side of the bride on the altar we will show you many other ideas hairstyles for a wedding witness!

Simple Hairstyle Long Hair DIY

How to style long hair by herself? We offer you 4 simple tutorials to make crops and semi-collections in total autonomy. If you are looking for more ideas, discover the 40 fast-growing DIY hairstyles we’ve selected for you!

Combing for Long Hair with French Braid

How to style long hair in summer and spring? One of the easiest hairstyles to do alone is the French braid, which can also be gathered on the neck on the most sultry days. Fast and simple to make, it is perfect for the sea, beach looks and even for sports, but it is not suitable for scaled hair that will escape weaving and will not enhance the hairstyle.

Elegant Chignon and Simple Chignon

Simplicity and elegance always go hand in hand. An evergreen crop goes well with a round face when combined with a fringe or tufts that frame the oval and enhance the features. Whoever has an oval face can dare with the high ballerina bun and – in the case of thin hair – can use a sponge donut. If you want to try and recreate a messy bun follow the tutorial!

Semi-harvested Long Hairstyles

Red, blond, black or brown hair. The semi-crops tend to enhance the reflections and shades of each crown by playing with soft volumes, with specially pointed locks and loose waves that fall on the shoulders and back. The secret of this hairstyle is to point the hair above the nape according to our taste: with torciglioni, with Dutch braids or fish bone or simply with some hairpins.

Hair Look with Braids in Fish Bone

The most beloved braid ever in recent years is the fishbone braid or speccia braid. It seems complicated to make but it is the simplest braid of all! You can create it starting from a half tail for a semi-harvest or starting from one side of the head for a harvest. If you want to be original, make a reverse fishbone braid!

Collected Hair with Ringlets

Wedding hairstyles for long hair often use curls as a base. They give a perfect romantic allure for the wedding day and give volume to even the finest hair allowing the hairdresser to create a full-bodied and elegant harvest. A look suitable for all seasons also for autumn and winter ceremonies.

Very Elegant Hairstyles with Roses

Long hair allows you to even recreate a beautiful bouquet of roses! With straight and well-combed hair, divide the entire length into individual locks, treat them with a suitable styling product and roll each strand on itself, until you get a rose bud. Simple steps to get a scenic hairstyle in the shape of a rose!

Long hair really offers so many new and different hairstyles! We hope that the images we have selected for you are useful for creating new modern and original hairstyles!


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